Male and Female Bullies: The Differences Between Them and The Tactics They Use Against Their Targets

Good morning, everyone. Today, I want to differentiate between females and males who bully and the techniques they use to degrade their targets. It is my opinion that female bullies can be the most vicious because they seem to be better at going undetected than male bullies.

Female Bullies:

 Although exceptions can be made, most are passive-aggressive and commit much of their bullying on a psychological level. However, thanks to radical feminism and the moral decline in today’s young girls and women, physical assaults perpetrated by females are increasing at an alarming rate.

Females bully by Dividing and Conquering – attacking the targets’ relationships, using smear campaigns and witch hunts designed to turn everyone against the target- ’Isolation of the target’.

They also use projection- projecting all of their own shortcomings onto the target. Bullies do have flaws and their greatest fear is having them exposed. What better way can they use to keep their own imperfections hidden, than to either project them onto the victim, or use distraction- distracting others attention away from their own shortcomings and evil deeds by pointing out the negative qualities of their victims?

Girls and some boys, use psychological warfare which includes but is not limited to exclusion, dirty looks, taunts, insults, rumors and lies, thievery, invasion of the target’s privacy and destruction of the target’s property and relationships.

If this does not work, they then may resort to violence although not as often as male bullies. If females want to cause bodily harm to their victim, they are more likely to persuade someone else, either a male friend or a bigger and tougher female friend, to catch the target somewhere alone and do their physical attacks for them. These girls offer either illicit sex (male friend), or inclusion into their particular clique and the chance to climb up the social ladder (female friend) as incentives. Passive-aggressive bullies may also offer money.

Females are hardwired toward maintaining relationships whether they be familial, friendships, or romantic because they are nurturers by nature. Most young girls plan to eventually get married and have families of their own. Thus, female bullies aim to sabotage the target’s relationships. Most girls and women, from the time they are small, dream of one day finding a husband and having children because they have an instinct to nurture. They are usually the caretakers of the home.

Therefore, it should not be any surprise that female bullies are notorious for calling their targets names like ‘whore’, ‘slut’, ‘tramp’, ‘floosy’ and other names which attack the femininity and virtues.

Moreover, anytime you as a young lady are called either one of these names, there is an even deeper meaning behind it, which is that you are not marriageable, you are not worthy of a husband or children, and you are not considered to be a woman.

A female bully wants to brainwash you. This is the reason why her attacks are so vicious and repetitive because she actually wants to convince you that you are worthless and will stop at nothing to make you believe it!

She knows that if she can make you believe the lies, there is a strong chance that you will live up to them. We are what we believe. She knows that if she could drum it into your head that she will succeed in breaking your spirit and making you prove her right.

 Get this straight. Female bullies WANT you to live up to the names that they call you. If they call you a whore, they actually want you to BE one.

So don’t live up to it! Show her up! However, she will not give up so easily. Girls tend to hang on to their hatred of another girl to the point of obsession. The bullying becomes a ritual. And when you stand up to a bully, don’t expect things to get better anytime soon.

Male bullies:

Although there are exceptions, most males use physical aggression. Young men are expected to be strong and tough…to display manhood. Therefore, if the target is another male, the boy bully will not only use his fists, but will also try to feminize their target by repetitively emasculating him.

Male bullies often call their targets names like, “sissy”, “pussy”, “bitch” and other names which attack the male pride and cause them to feel less like men. They try to strip their target of his manhood.

And if the male target speaks out against the treatment, the male bully will trivialize it by referring to the target as a “whiner” and tell him to “toughen up”, or “man up”. The male bully may also accuse his male victim of going against what is seen as “man-code” if he dares to report the bullying.

The more you know, the better you will be able to bully-proof yourselves. Wishing you all an awesome Thursday.



Why The Target Often Gets the Blame While the Bully Escapes Accountability

Good morning, everyone. Today, I feel that it is important to answer a question that I’m positive that every person, who has ever been a victim of bullying, has asked either themselves or another person at some point or another: “Why am I always to blame?” and “Why do my tormentors often get away with tormenting me?”

Here is the answer and there are many factors:

Bullies are very convincing liars. Bullies have been lying and covering up bad behavior all of their lives. They have been doing this for long enough that they have learned what works and what does not work. They are master manipulators, skilled in the art of deception. Bullies are also very good at rationalizing and justifying their unacceptable behavior. They are con artists, who often use charm to deceive those in authority.

Bullies often use projection, which is projecting their own faults and shortcomings onto their targets, making the target look like the bully and themselves look like the victim. When faced with possible accountability for their evil actions, they often cry and feign victimhood. This tactic is usually employed by female bullies.

Bullies are very charming to the right people, which can be used as another weapon against a victim. Bullies seem to emit an oozing charm. Because of this, they had a way of winning people over and making them their allies. A good reputation can be used as a weapon against any target because with this good name, the bully has everyone (except the target) fooled and others cannot believe that “this sweet, innocent, pretty little girl” would harm anyone. Take the outgoing guy that everyone loves, no one is going to believe that this “fine young man” would ever beat up a smaller boy unless he was provoked.

Because this person has so many friends who cherish them. Even if these friends did witness them undertake any wrong doing, they will still more than likely cover up for the bully out of loyalty and place the blame on the target.

There is strength in numbers and people in large numbers can have a cumulative power which can be overwhelming even for the greatest, toughest, strongest, most intelligent of individuals. To put it plainly, if enough people are against a person, that person is powerless, no matter how strong, smart, beautiful or easy going they may be

Bullies use gaslighting- adding their own spin to make you look and feel like the villain or by laying guilt trips- trying to convince you that you are at fault or that the abuse is just your imagination. Bullies are masters at this, especially female bullies who use feminine charm to deceive bystanders and authority figures.

Bullies malign you to others to destroy your good name and credibility: They recruit followers and start a campaign of hate and viciousness against you, by way of rumors, lies, and trying to turn your friends against you. This occurred to me on a regular basis in school and it would happen as retaliation for my having the gall to stand up to them and assert my God-given, divine right not to be abused or taken advantage of.

There were several different benefits from the execution of this strategy. Number one: It could be used to protect one another from being labeled by a teacher and getting a bad reputation. Most, who have been in school has a least gotten into two fights, which sounds perfectly normal. Number two: Destroying the victim’s name with the staff would lessen any chances of being listened to, should the target run and “tattle” to members of authority. Again, protecting them from discipline at school and allowing them the freedom to do whatever they want whenever they feel like it.

Targets get the blame because sadly, the attitude of most bystanders and members of authority is this: “Why would so many kids have it in for her if she’s not provoking them somehow?” or “Nobody likes him, so there has to be a reason that justifies it.”

After all, who is going to look any further then the child with the worst name anytime a confrontation arises? It is all designed to manipulate school staff and save the bullies’ behinds from having to face repercussions and therefore, leaves an opening for further bullying later on.

I believe that victims not only need confidence to fight bullying, but also knowledge of the techniques bullies use. Therefore, the more knowledge we can gain of how bullies operate, the better we will be able to protect ourselves.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


Message to Parents


Good morning everyone. Today, I have an important message to parents of victims:

Parents, I can’t stress this enough. If you have any love for your child and he/she is being repeatedly and ceaselessly bullied after you have exhausted all other efforts, enroll them in a different school and do it fast! Get them out of that poisonous environment and away from those toxic people! Though I realize that this isn’t always feasible, your child’s life and emotional well-being are at extreme risk and should take priority over anything else! Do what you have to do to protect your son or daughter! Whatever it takes, get him/her OUT OF THERE!!!

In todays’ world, however, changing schools may not be enough to keep bullies at bay. With the advancement of technology, bullies can now have access to their victims twenty-four hours a day and have a reach that can extend clear around the globe. The internet, text messaging and cellphones are a great convenience to have, don’t get me wrong. But they can also be tools for the bullies to reach your child, even after you have transferred them to another school.

Bullies have a sick obsession with their target. They are stalkers and will not let your child go. Bullies are fixated on their victims and nowadays, anytime a child changes schools, the bullies from their old school will find a way to contact them and continue the harassment. A bully is like a dog with a bone. They…will…not…let…GO! Not any time soon.

This is why parents should delete the child’s accounts, change any passwords and usernames their child may have used and have unlimited access to such information. Cellphone numbers must be changed. Also, all online and cellphone activity must be monitored. Your child may not agree and may even be angry because he will feel as if his privacy is being invaded. This will seem unfair and he will also feel as if he’s being punished. However, you’re not doing this to punish him/her, you are doing it to protect your child. Always keep this in mind and explain it to your son or daughter.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Low Self-Esteem Is Not Something We Are Born With

Good morning, everyone. I hope you’re having a happy Monday. Today, I want to discuss the downward spiral that victims of bullying often experience over time if they aren’t removed from a negative environment.

Insecurity and a lack of confidence are not characteristics that we’re born with. They are taught! Not only by bullies or abusive family members, but can also unwittingly programmed into us by caring family members who call themselves trying to teach us humbleness and humility. These characteristics are both good virtues to have, but only in moderation. Too much of it, however, can cause us to suppress a little too much of ourselves and hide our own awesome personalities, talents and gifts, which can grow into insecurity and in worse cases, self-loathing.

I believe that each and every one of us is born with confidence and a heart of gold. Yet over time, our environments, circumstances and sadly, the people in our lives can slowly erode that natural confidence and goodness we were born with.

After being hurt for so long, we withdraw from others and put up a barrier to protect ourselves. We turn cold and began to harden ourselves to numb feelings of rejection and the pain that comes with it. Before long, we regard the feelings and suffering of others with indifference- we just don’t give a damn about anyone, how they feel or what they think. Sometimes we even grow cold toward the people who love us because we have lost the ability to trust. We no longer have any respect for others, much less ourselves. Lastly, we come to that evil place where schadenfreude takes hold on our personalities and we secretly or openly, take pleasure in seeing others, especially those we despise, suffer.

Just as we take steps to protect our health, finances, property, etc.; we must also take steps to protect our self-esteems.

Have a blessed day!

The Importance Of Loving Yourself

Good morning, everyone! Today, I want to discuss what is the most important lesson in life that you can ever learn: Loving yourself first.

When you are a target of bullying, loving yourself can be very difficult when it seems that the only thing you hear from others is negativity. Constantly being bombarded with ugly names, cruel taunts and attacks over a long period of time can very easily have a cumulative and devastating effect on your self-esteem and if you aren’t careful, you too will begin to believe the cruel falsehoods that mean-spirited others tell you. I know about this all too well.

However, no matter how viciously others may treat you, it’s imperative that you do everything possible to hold on to self-love! Even if you have to look at yourself in the mirror every day and make positive affirmations (“I AM an awesome person”, “I AM beautiful”, “I AM worthy of being loved”, etc.), you must maintain your self-esteem and never let anyone brainwash you into thinking that you are less than.

Here is another excerpt from my book, which gives a more in-depth explanation of why this is so important:

“…You must love and respect yourself before anyone else can love and respect you. You must take care of YOU. You must command, not demand, but ‘command’ respect and love from others, including a few family members that you love dearly and be willing to make some very difficult decisions in order to receive that love and respect. Sometimes, you have to walk away, knowing full well that there is always a chance that the person may never see your worth. And this means coming to a place where you no longer care even the slightest about the outcome.

However, there is a strong chance that your value will go up in that person’s eyes and they will eventually see your worth and treat you better than you ever thought possible. It may not happen overnight. In fact, it may take up to several years, but it happened for me and it can happen for you too.

If, by chance, it does not happen, realize that you did not turn your back on the person because you did not love them, but only because they did not love you enough to treat you with the love and respect that you know in your heart of hearts that you deserve…”

You must love yourself or nobody will love you. Never look outside of yourself for love and validation. Never depend on others for assurance of your value. Let love come from within your heart!


Wishing everyone a wonderful day.





A Shout Out To A Former Target Who Has Moved On To Success!!!


Here’s some great news! Victims of bullying do go on to become confident, happy and successful.

A Longfield teen is celebrating her success in reaching the semi-finals of a national beauty pageant.

Lulls In Bullying: What Do They Mean?

Good evening, everyone. Here’s another important fact that people often miss when it comes to bullying and harassment of a target. Bullying is a pattern with highs and lows. The harassment will begin, escalate, reach a climax, then a lull usually follows. These breaks or “lulls” can last for up to several months.

Now that you’ve read the first paragraph, you must be asking yourself what this means. Below is an excerpt of my book “From Victim to Victor (A Survivor’s True Story of Her Own Experiences With School Bullying. How She Overcame, Won Back Her Confidence and Found Peace and Happiness)”, which gives a more in-depth explanation.

Have a wonderful night!

“…I cannot begin to tell you how thoroughly sick I was of all the drama. I was tired of having to fight. Honestly, I hated to fight, but I had no idea as to how to break this vicious cycle. It was then that I realized that this was a pattern…a pattern, which there seemed to be no end to. School would start and there would always be a lull of maybe a month to four months. In high school, there were highs and lows…times when the bullying would come to a peak of nonstop harassment and other times when it seemed to disappear for a while. Then after a month or two, WHAM! They would strike again with something new.

Now that I am older, I realize that the pauses and lulls may have been deliberate, used to give the bullies time to regroup and think up new strategies…strategies, which they knew I would never suspect. Then I would be taken by surprise.

I also believe they wanted to give me a false sense of security in hopes that I would get comfortable and let down my defenses. They would then blindside me when the time was right.

Bullies are very strategic. They plot, they plan, and they do these things in groups. Bullies are very calculating people. They slowly and cunningly set the stage for their attacks. You must stay a few steps ahead of them by equipping yourself with the knowledge of how bullies operate…”

If you are a victim, I hope that this has given you a better understanding of these patterns and that you too can use these lulls to your own advantage by arming yourselves with knowledge and better prepare yourselves for the next attack.

Wishing you love, happiness and success!

Never Chase Anyone Who Doesn’t See Your Worth



Good afternoon, everyone. I hope that everyone is enjoying the early stages of Summer.

A thought occurred to me about something that some victims do. I did the same thing when I first attended a new school at age 12. I was so anxious to make friends and did not set boundaries as to the way I wanted to be treated. I figured that as long as I could hang with people, it did not matter how shoddily they treated me. I got hurt many times over because the reality of it was that these people were only tolerating me. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that these people weren’t good for me. Only then did I begin to avoid people who only pretended to accept me.

Here’s my advice to targets who feel lonely and desperate for friends:

Never chase anyone who does not see your worth…EVER! It is beneath you and those who do not value you, no matter how ‘cool’ they act or look, do not deserve the privilege of being in your presence. You need to cleanse your life of these toxic people. You are better off without them.

I realize that if you are a target of bullying, your options for friendship are extremely limited. However, if the options that you do have for friends are only tolerating you and they turn hot and cold, exclude you or talk behind your back, then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate those friendships.

There is a difference between someone who genuinely likes you and someone who is only tolerating you. And you always know when someone is only tolerating you because of the way you feel when that person is around. You can feel it in your gut. You can hear the shortness and coldness in the tone of their voices. You can see it in the way that they look at you (or don’t look at you). You can feel the cold vibes that they put out. There is nothing worse than the realization that someone whom you think highly of thinks very little of you. It is the most uncomfortable and sickening feeling. It is the equivalent of being kicked in the stomach!

I want you to know that you do not have to be around such poisonous people. Anyone who makes you feel uneasy does not deserve your friendship. It does not matter if they are rich, good looking, popular, successful, cool, tough or whatever. If they cause you to feel less than, ditch them! WEED. THEM. OUT! They are not worthy of being in your company. You are better off without them.

Understand that this may mean staying to yourself for a time. Listen. No one wants to be a loner. I understand it and I sympathize with you. However, I believe that it’s much better to be alone than to crawl up behind anyone who does not see your value. It’s the equivalent of a romantic relationship where one partner loves too much and bends over backwards for the other partner, chasing, buys gifts, etc. only to be rebuffed and not loved in return.

Trust me, whether the relationship is romantic or friendship, you are better off without people who do not reciprocate. You are better off by yourself.

Understand that you may be all alone for a while. It takes courage to walk away from a person or people who take you for granted, especially when options to make human connections are so few. And I won’t lie to you, you may be by yourself for a while. It may get very lonely, even sad and depressing at times. But be strong and stay true to your own heart! You deserve so much better!

I promise you this: If you have the courage to walk away from such people, it may take a while, but life will eventually reward you by placing better and more loving people in your path…people who will genuinely love you,  and have your best interests at heart. You will have better friends…friends who WANT to spend time with you, who want to invite you to parties and other events, and who will be there for you when the chips are down. You will have friends who are tried and true.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

The Importance Of Forgiveness

Good evening everyone. Tonight, I want to share with you why it is so important to forgive your bullies. I know, I know! I can practically hear the groans of dread and scoffs coming from a few already. To be honest, I once had the same attitude myself anytime I was advised to forgive. However, forgiveness doesn’t mean that the transgression committed against you is okay, nor does it mean that you have to be buddies with the person who wronged you. Forgiveness only benefits you, not your attacker. Allow me to delve a little deeper:

Forgiveness is a must! It is a prerequisite for re-empowerment and happiness. It’s not about letting anyone off the hook, it’s about setting yourself free from the toxic feelings of anger and hate, which will otherwise hold you back.

This message is not only for children and teens who are being bullied at school today but also for any adult survivors who were once victims of bullying when they were in school. Forgive bullies. Do it now! The sooner you forgive, the sooner you will be happy. I can tell you that for me, being able to forgive was like a huge weight being lifted off of my shoulders. There’s truly no better feeling!

Anytime you hold on to grudges and hate for a person, that individual CONTROLS YOU whether you realize it or not. They may have exerted control over your teen years, but you don’t have to let them control the rest of your life. Forgiveness is the only solution to this problem. It’s the only way that you will be able to take back control of your life.