Parents Who Encourage Their Children to Bully Other People’s Children

Greetings everyone. I recently saw a video, in which a young man is bullied by not only an adolescent girl, but also her mother. In the video, the young man is badly beaten by two, maybe three other boys, whom were with the girl and her mother and had spotted the young man in a local park. Listening to the audio, it was clear that this mother was actually encouraging the bullies and cheering them on as they were viciously attacking this young man. Later, it was reported that the mother had been arrested.

Sadly, this was not the first video I had seen of bullying involving a parent. I have watched many videos in the past ten years…violent videos, in which the parent of the attacker actually encouraged and egged on the altercation. I have seen on the news, reports of parents arrested for attacking children on school buses, in city parks and schoolyards for a perceived slight against their own child.

Also, children and teens are also being cyber-bullied by not only their classroom bullies, but the bullies’ parents as well. Just google the Megan Meier case and you will see how this precious child committed suicide from being harassed online by the mother of one of her bullies.

This type of behavior is horrible enough coming from young people but coming from parents, whom should know better, is downright disgusting!

It totally amazes me how totally immature a good portion of today’s parents really are! I have personally seen parents act as if they are still in high school and it’s embarrassing, to say the least. These parents are no better than the bullies they are raising! They try to be their son’s/daughter’s BFF instead of being their parent and teaching good morals and values. Hence one of the reasons I believe bullying is so prevalent today.

Often, parents condone, even encourage their child to bully other people’s children because they have a deep seated belief that being a bully is what it takes to move up the social hierarchy and be successful in life. They believe that keeping others down is key to being on top. There parents believe that being popular and the toughest kid on the block is what life is all about. Also, I’ve seen parents who have wanted to fight the parents of the child their child is bullying for nothing more than speaking out. Worse even, I’ve seen cases where the bully’s parents want to physically fight the young victim for daring to stand up to their bully child! The crying shame of it all is that these parents are mostly people in my age group…late thirties to fifties, Generation X! Old enough to have looong know right from wrong! Is it any wonder that bullying is so widespread???

One thing I cannot fathom is how an adult can insert themselves into kiddie confrontations, bashing the other child by calling degrading names like they themselves are still in middle school, and manage to keep a straight face! How can people such as these bare to look in the mirror at themselves everyday without turning ten shades of red? I just don’t get it.What is wrong with some of the parents of my generation? Parents of this low caliber do not care about any other children than their own, having no empathy whatsoever. In my opinion, people of this kind shouldn’t have children.

It’s sad that good, wholesome, strong parents, who actually love their child enough to call them out on bad behavior and enforce rules, are a dying breed today and more parents continue to encourage despicable behavior in their children. What will the world and society be like in another twenty years if we do not address this issue?

Have a great weekend.

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