A Few Bad Apples In the Teaching Profession: Teachers Who Bully Students


Although the vast majority of teachers are very good, hard-working, caring people who love all children and deserve the utmost respect, there are always a few bad apples, who clearly do not belong in the teaching profession. Teachers can also be bullies and it is something that is often denied and few people ever admit.

This can be especially devastating because of the power dynamic and the fact that it sets a bad example and entices other students to also bully the victim. It can also set the student up for a condition known as “Learned Helplessness” and a lifetime of failure.

Out of about 30 teachers that I had during my years in school, about 3 were bullies themselves. And because of the power dynamic, there is sadly not much that can be done to protect yourself against a bully teacher as the school will often side with the perpetrator in these cases.

Still, never be afraid to report this to your parents and speak out. Continue to be the best student you can possibly be and do it for yourself. Do not try to impress the bullying teacher because if your efforts seem contrived, you will only become an even bigger target for being a try-hard. Just be your sweet, smart, awesome self and hold on to your self-esteem. Never allow yourself to be convinced that you are less than no matter what position of authority the bully might hold.

Have a wonderful day!

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