Here is an article from another blogger about bullying and how to ID a primary victim of bullying. This article is great because all to often, the primary target has a hard time telling others what happened due to shame or fear of retaliation, making it more difficult to get the help they need. Thank you, threetimes for this article!


AN ADVOCATE may find out about his/her PRIMARY TARGET in the following ways:
* The ADVOCATE notices his/her child’s discomfort.
* The child TELLS or tries to TELL.
* An ADULT IN CHARGE notices the child’s discomfort and TELLS the ADVOCATE that ‘Something Catastrophic has Happened’, ‘Something’s Definitely Wrong’ or ‘Things are Generally Fine BUT…’
*The parent/guardian of another child TELLS the ADVOCATE that his/her child has a problem with or is concerned for the ADVOCATE’S child.
* A member of the public witnesses a bullying event and reports it.

Whatever way (or combination of ways), there is likely to be some confusion around how exactly a child may have participated in whatever situation/event that has caused him/her (and perhaps others) to be so upset. (Some PRIMARY TARGETS may have resorted to using bullying tactics in an attempt to defend themselves and/or to claw back some dignity).

Other people (including…

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