Bullying/Crimes Against Anyone with Autism/Asperger’s/Special Needs Should be Considered a Hate Crime!

Good morning, everyone. For months, I’ve wanted to speak out about people on the Autism Spectrum and the extreme high rates of victimization and bullying they endure on a daily basis. It’s bad enough that they must go through life struggling with a disability that they neither asked for, nor have any control over. It’s even worse that they also struggle with constant cruelty from people in the general population because of that disability.

“A new study finds that children with autism spectrum disorders are bullied for more often than their typically developing peers.” (healthland.time.com)

According to Time Magazine (the above link), 46% of children on the spectrum reported being bullied compared to only 10% of neurotypical kids. And the statistics are estimated to be even higher due to the fact that most people on the spectrum do not recognize the subtler types of bullying because of their inability to read social cues. No one can report anything they do not know is occurring.

Because people with these disorders have difficulty reading social cues, have repetitive behaviors, and tend to be highly sensitive to external stimuli, bullies easily zero in on their perceived weaknesses and see them as easy prey who are ripe for harassment and degradation.
Bullies target them because of their extreme vulnerability and inability to assert themselves and to fight back. In the minds of bullies, people with special needs are easy prey.

Bullies get off on the power they wield over their special needs victims because they consciously know they can torment them endlessly and with impunity. They also know that chances are that no one will stop the abuse, nor speak out for the victim because the sad reality is that most others do not see those who have special needs as “human”. Therefore, bullies take full advantage of this.

Anyone who intentionally targets a person with special needs is, in my opinion, a coward of the lowest common denominator. Too afraid to go toe to toe with someone of their equal, they seek out victims, who are unable to speak for or defend themselves. Talk about despicable!

Every day, people who are mentally handicapped, have Autism/Asperger’s are accosted, taunted, physically attacked, or even murdered because they are considered easy targets and laws must be firmly put in place to protect these people, who are unable to protect themselves. Any crime against people in the above categories should be considered a hate crime because of the high vulnerability and severe disadvantage compared to regular, everyday people.

It’s still discrimination, any way you look at it and just as horrible as bullying someone due to age, sex, race or orientation. In fact, it’s WORSE because most people in the other four groups at least have the facilities to speak for and defend themselves! People with special needs do not! This is why we MUST make those with special needs a protected group!

These people are already fighting a very tough and likely, lifelong battle. Why then do those who are more fortunate wish to make their lives much more difficult than they already are?

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  1. Dear Cherie, Thank you for bringing attention to the problem of bullying, esp. in regard to the bullying of kids on the autism spectrum. Everything you noted and said is absolutely true. Parents need to advocate for their kids and stay involved and on top of schools and NOT let them off the hook or dilly dally like congress has done in the USA. Hopefully legislation will be added making bullying of special needs children an extra penalty. I don’t think there is anything about bullying in the I.D.E.A. but I could be wrong. I am sending you a link to our own personal bullying problem. We are working with the Pacer Center for Disabilities and their Kids Against Bullying Division to make our bullying prevention video free for download to help teachers and students. http://www.pacer.org/bullying/stories/?id=587 I don’t know if this link will be allowed, but hopefully it is ok. Thanks for all the good info and hard work you put in to help dissolve bullying all around. Be well, talk to you soon. Peace, Annie Lynn AnnieBirdd Music, LLC

    • You’re very welcome, Annie Lynn. And thank you also for doing your part in helping disabled kids, whom, from what I’ve seen, are the most vulnerable to bullies. I will check out the link. Keep up the great work, Annie! I commend anyone who speaks out for these children, who’ve had their voices forcibly taken from them and who are the most ignored by the powers that be! I believe that if enough people team up and consistently bring attention to the problem, lawmakers will have no choice but to hear us out, otherwise, we won’t quit bugging them. If people like you and I continue to flood social media with articles and protests against bullying, especially of special needs children, then the right person with the right connections will see it and changes will be made. Have a great day, Annie Lynn! Looking forward to talking again soon! Cherie

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