That Creepy Stare Bullies Give Victims

beautiful arrogant and moody spanish woman showing negative feeling and contempt facial expression

It’s that stare, which makes the hairs stand on the back of your neck! You know the one- that creepy, bone-chilling look bullies give you that makes you stop whatever you are doing or clam up if you’re talking when they do it? Yeah. That one! They look at you so intensely, making you feel as if you’re under a microscope! What’s even scarier is that the person doing the staring is eerily calm, so still and doesn’t move a muscle, nor even blink! Those angry, icy-cold eyes relentlessly bore into you like a blow poke, looking as if they could jump out at you and attack you at any moment! It reminds you of a wolf standing ever so still and eying an antelope…anticipating it’s next meal! Weird, no?

This happened to me on many occasions in middle and high school. I didn’t know what it was, nor why and I couldn’t find the words to describe nor explain it. I only knew how it made me feel! To say that it was unnerving would be an understatement! It was downright creepy!

It felt as if my school bullies were studying me, searching for something, scanning the very depths of my soul while staying ever so calm, ever so still and not saying a word…not the slightest micro-twitch whatsoever while they were doing it! Ewww! It made me want to run and get as far away from them as I possibly could.


This is not to say that all staring is necessarily bad because if a person likes you and has feelings for you, they may also stare, with their pupils dilating and crinkles forming around the eyes every time they look at you. However, the look bullies give you is much different. Their pupils only constrict, becoming tiny black holes in the irises of their eyes and the stare is a cold, prolonged “I’m going to kill you” look which stops you cold! This is the best way I can describe it.

Now that I’m older and have done years of reading and study, I want to warn you that if ever you notice anyone looking at you this way, you must get clear of that person fast because they are studying you, trying to ferret out any weaknesses they can exploit and ways they can attack you with maximum effect! They also display that look to intimidate you and throw you off kilter and if they succeed in doing so, it gives them a sense of power! Understand that bullies are sociopaths and the weird and psychotic looks they give you is covert and serves to shield them from detection and accountability! Also, know that covert/indirect bullies are cowards at heart and this is how they roll!

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