When I Look Back, I Don’t Wish I’d Been More Popular, I Wish I’d Been More Secure and Loved Myself More.

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I wish I had put myself first, I wish I’d said “NO” a lot more, I wish I had been true to my own heart and I wish I had known my worth and realized my potential. In a nutshell, I wish I had been better at being me. We all wish these things when we get older, don’t we? That we’d done things a little different- a little better?
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown a very thick skin and learned to handle any confrontation with composure and aplomb. As we get older, we shed that shell we curled up and hid in when we were younger. We grow to love and accept ourselves as we are and grow comfortable in our own skins and let me tell you! It’s immense freedom that can’t be described!

I’ve learned that the reason people bully is not because of something the victim has said or done and that it is not the fault of the victim. The reason bullies bully is because they themselves have issues, whether it be a bad case of narcissism, low self-esteem, jealousy of something the victims have that the bullies don’t or they’re trying to prove something to anyone who’ll watch or listen. I’ve learned that bullies, at their very core, are great big cowards and attention-seekers. That knowledge alone is freeing!

Just knowing why unsavory people do the harm that they do to others serves as a huge buffer to any self-esteem blows. Today, I no longer get bullied by anyone, but if anyone tries, I am easily able to laugh and blow the idiot off. Instead of getting hurt or angry, I get amused by them and am usually able to have fun with it. Unfortunately, that takes time, learning and most of all experience. I feel a sense of regret when I think of all the years I spent feeling insecure and sorry for myself. What a total waste of my time and energy!

It’s important that you don’t take anything your bullies say as the truth. It is imperative that you know that their actions or words have nothing to do with you and everything to do with them! Hey! I know it’s hard not to and I know it hurts. I know it’s hard not to blame yourself when it seems that you’re being bombarded with negativity from everyone and from every direction.

However, I want you to love yourself and see the bullies for who they truly are- pathetic souls who are desperately trying to look tough, smart or cool. I want you to see that bullies are trying their hardest to get attention. You must know your value. You also need to know that some people are just wrong for you and were never meant to be in your life!

Most of all, I want you to be assured that you will eventually find people who are right for you. And when you do, they will love you simply be being loveable, beautiful, intelligent and awesome you! There will come a day when you will be loved, appreciated and celebrated for all that you are!

It happened to me and if you don’t give up, it will happen for you too! You are worth fighting for! You are worth living for!

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        I only hope people realise I’ve gone 3 full circles, working towards understanding my theory..

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