Your Gut Instinct: Why You Should Listen to It

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At different times in my life, I have either met or been around certain people whom my inner alarm tried to warn me about. I cannot explain the feeling I got. The only way I can describe this gut feeling is to say that something seemed to be “off” about these people and I would get a sinking, creepy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I could literally feel the bad vibes that seemed to pour forth from these people.

When I was young, I would often mistake this feeling for “just being paranoid” and ignore the feeling, which is something that a whopping majority of victims do. And it proved to be to my disappointment…every time! I have since learned that had I listened to my gut and avoided these people, I could have saved myself a truckload of heartache.

God gave us all that “sixth sense” or as it is more commonly called, the “gut feeling” or “instinct”, for a reason. Anytime you get a bad feeling in your gut about someone, you are not being paranoid, you are not over-reacting. It is only your inner alarm trying to warn you about a person or situation and keep you safe.

Here are a couple of excerpts from my book, “From Victim to Victor” that explains this even further:

“…My gut feeling warned me many times about my classmate’s personalities or that someone was about to harm me in some way, shape or form. I did not listen to my innate alarm because the faith in my own intuitive abilities had been shattered. As a result, I often mistook it for being overly suspicious.

Another example of poor decision making was that I became a very MEAN and VICIOUS person. As a result, I often repelled the people who had my best interests at heart, who were genuine and would have otherwise been true friends. I missed out on a lot of opportunities for friendship because I had very quickly come to a place where I did not trust anyone.

It was much safer to put up a barrier and keep everyone, including my own family out than it was to take risks and learn how to trust the right people.

Being bullied and being stuck with unnecessary labels can very easily do this to a person. It cannot only cause you not to believe in yourself and your own abilities, but it can also enable you to trust your own innate intuition if you let it. It blinds you to people who are true as it completely zaps your senses of who is for real and who is fake, thus causing the loss of your ability to avoid dangerous people.”

“…You are not stupid. It is not only in your imagination. You are not being overly sensitive. You are not being a wimp, wuss, crybaby, crazy or whatever else unsavory people call you. You always know when something does not feel good. You can see it in the way certain people cut their eyes at you and talk through their teeth. You can hear the short and cold tone in their voices. You can feel, deep down in your gut, the nasty vibes they exude. This is why you should always listen to your gut feeling because it is never wrong. Eighty-six those people pronto!”

Please don’t ignore this instinct. Never overlook that sinking feeling in your stomach because it could save you from so much trouble. It could even save your life!

2 thoughts on “Your Gut Instinct: Why You Should Listen to It

  1. Thank you Cherie. This one really hit home. It’s horrible when it’s a family member. Being told you are reacting inappropriately to ‘teasing.’. It’s not teasing when it’s MEANT to hurt. My brother told me today he has no empathy for me whatsoever. I told the brother who has made my whole life a living hell there is a name for that…… Psychopath….

    • I am so sorry you are dealing with such deplorable treatment. You’re absolutely right. It’s especially hard when it is a family member. I’ve been right where you are, had a family member treat me like utter garbage and I’ve found that the best way to handle a horrible family member is to go no contact. Going no contact has made my life so much better. And anytime you just stop having anything to do with the mean family member, you add value to yourself and assert your right to be treated with love and respect.

      Please, for your own health and your own happiness, have nothing more to do with your brother. I know it’s hard to do because he is your brother and you do love him. However, sometimes, you have to love yourself enough to know when it’s time to cut your losses and walk away.

      It will be difficult and you will miss him. But in the long run, you will feel so much better and happier for it.

      Here’s wishing you all the happiness, peace and love your heart can hold! God bless you!

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