If a Bully Puts Hands on You, Should You Hit Back?


It seems to be the question on everyone’s mind these days, especially in the notoriously politically correct climate in which we live. The media and politicians vehemently discourage fighting violence with violence. You’ll hear statements from others, such as:

“Two wrongs don’t make a right.”
“Turn the other cheek.”
“Don’t stoop to the bully’s level.”
And the all-time favorite,
“Be the bigger person and walk away.”

I’ve heard them all.

Yes, you should try more peaceful ways first, like walking away from the bully or reporting it to someone in power. However, what if the more peaceful solutions don’t work?

If you don’t stand up for yourself, the bully will only continue to come after you and hurt you. You’ll be a punching bag for everyone who knows you at school or elsewhere. Because when word gets around that one person can hit you and get away with it, everyone else will think they can too and you’ll be the school or the community whipping boy. That’s no way to live.

In the middle of a physical attack, the last resort is the only option you have.

So, here it is:

When a bully physically attacks you, you have a God-given, primal, animal right to defend yourself from being harmed. I state this with full conviction!

If a bully hits you first, haul off and knock his block off! And when you do, don’t just give him a love pat. Deck the creep with the strength of your entire body- hit so hard that the bully has difficulty getting back up. Then unleash a hail of hard licks so that he doesn’t get up. Because once the bully gets up, he will charge you!

Stop bullying

Yeah. I know it isn’t the “politically correct” thing to do. But when someone is harming you, all that jazz about political correctness and being the bigger person goes out the window, and the gloves are off.

The only thing you should think of at this point is how to disable the bully so or give him such a bad memory that he’ll never even think about coming for you again. You aren’t a troublemaker or a brute for this, folks! It’s called self-defense!

This doesn’t mean bringing a gun or other deadly weapon. Lethal weapons will only get someone killed, and you put behind bars for the rest of your life. Never EVER carry a gun to school! It’s much better to put up your dukes and throw down when you must.

I’ll say again, punch the bully’s lights out! You may get suspended from school, fired from work, or even go to jail for a night or two. However, physical attacks are much more vicious nowadays and if you just let someone smack you around, they’ll only intensify the beatings until they hurt you bad enough to send you to the hospital or worse! And I’d much rather be suspended, lose a job, or spend a night in jail than to spend a month in the hospital or end up six feet under.

I don’t condone fighting. Although I fought many times in school, I hated it each time I had to. I was a 5’4″, 120 pound girl being jumped and most of the time by multiple assailants, a male attacker, or a female much bigger than me. There were times when I was also boxed in where I couldn’t go anywhere.

There was no other choice. It was either fight, or risk my bullies possibly maiming or killing me. Sometimes the last resort is the only way to protect yourself and let a bully know that you’re not the one to mess with and that you aren’t afraid to fight back if necessary.

There will be others who may disagree with this post, and that’s okay. I am very thick-skinned now and rarely do I get offended. I can agree to disagree. But I will do what I have to do to protect my well-being and my life if ever I’m in physical danger.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

10 thoughts on “If a Bully Puts Hands on You, Should You Hit Back?

  1. It is too late if you wait for them to put their hands on you. You need to strike as soon as they enter your personal space with bad/threatening intentions. The concept of who threw the first punch is stupid. What happens if you wait until they put their hands on you it knocks you down and you hit your head and die or end up in a coma? I have seen this happening in altercations twice and a few more in the news.

  2. As someone who went through school being 5ft1 and never more than 110lb in my 32yrs of life, I was actually that kid that bullies stopped being bullies because of. I watched my brothers and close friends get constantly picked on and beaten up and one day I just got fed up…the biggest bully in my school at the time (biggest in size AND the meanest kid in the school) rubbed me the wrong way one day, after bullying my best friend about her weight and beating up my younger brother AGAIN, and I completely lost it. I beat into that POS so severely that he went home and told his parents he was jumped by a group of older BOYS, to save himself the embarrassment of being laid out by a tiny little girl AND to avoid the beating from his father for hitting me back. He never bullied another kid after that day, and I went into high-school (middle school, if you’re in the USA) with a reputation that meant I always had a lot of friends and was never given any trouble and IF I was ever in trouble for something, the first question a teacher always asked was “ok Tash, what happened this time?”, bully would be reprimanded, the victim would be supported by the school if they needed it, and I’d have a new friend 🙂 bullies are HORRID and the only way to deal with a lot of them is to give them a taste of their own medicine!!

    • Amen on that one, girl! 💯 I’m so proud of you for beating the breaks off that bully! 💖 (Pssst! I’d like to have seen that!) I’d have cheered you on! 🎉

      • It alright, the bus driver that day watched the entire fight and commended me for it afterwards 😂 AND, as an extra positive to that kid never being a bully again, we eventually became good friends and he’s nothing like the bully he once was 🙌

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