The Reality Behind Reality Shows: How They Glorify and Glamorize Bullying

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Reality shows and the present epidemic of bullying.

I believe that one of the reasons that bullying has become so out of control in our schools is because of the overabundance of reality shows on television, which seem to glorify and glamorize the abuse of others.

Shows like, “Bad Girls Club”, Jersey Shore (which I think are the absolute worst), and The Real Housewives franchise, are shows in which people as old as their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s act like middle schoolers in a locker room brawl. Grown men and women, whom you would think would have a modicum of maturity, often resort to name-calling, bashing others, and yes…even hair-pulling, shoving, punching and kicking.

When I see this, a question always comes to mind: “What kind of example and message are these shows and their stars sending our children and teenagers?”

It’s true that violence has been shown on TV and in movies for decades. However, before reality shows were heard of, TV was not real and kids of my generation understood because our parents never let us forget it. We knew that what we were seeing was only actors playing the parts of fictional characters in fictional shows. Moreover, we were taught not to try anything we saw on TV in real life because it would put us at risk of getting hurt and/or worse. We grew up with the understanding that, “It’s only a television series” or “It’s just a movie” and none of it was real.

Sadly, as television networks slowly run out of ideas for fictional shows and reality shows gradually take over the airwaves, TV is becoming less fictional (and interesting) and is sending the message to kids that bullying is okay, or that you have to be a bully in order to move up in the world…that to get ahead, you have to step over another person. Such a shame!

Most of the biggest reality stars are lousy role models!

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4 thoughts on “The Reality Behind Reality Shows: How They Glorify and Glamorize Bullying

  1. Hello Chateau Cherie I have to agree with you on Reality TV it does ” SUCK” !! I do not watch it as it is just as you say bullies playing games with each other. It is sad if we lose TV shows over this garbage Reality Shows. Thanks for sharing my friend

    • You’re very welcome, James.
      How I miss the days of “real tv” – the days of “In the Heat of the Night”, “Matlock”, “Chips” “Dukes of Hazzard”, “Dallas”, and “Murder, She Wrote”!

        • Yes. I miss those shows too. I think TV started it’s decline in the late 90s. And it’s really gone down the crapper! I have enough DVD sets of old tv series to start my own TV station I think! Lol

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