Even the Most Confident People have their Days


Last night, a thought occurred to me that even the most confident people have days when they don’t feel too confident. I most certainly have them. I am a confident woman. I know where my talents are, I know all of my good qualities and bad, and I know who I am and what I want.

If I don’t like something, I take steps to change it and if it cannot be changed, I find ways to embrace it.

For the past decade, I have felt a peace I never before knew. Yet there are days when I don’t feel as confident as I should.

There are still times when I feel insecure and nervous. There are times when I feel my old shyness trying to creep back in.


However, I refuse to give in to it and sometimes have to give myself pep talks to make the insecurity go away, then face the fear head-on.

I believe everyone has those days and I do not toil over it like I used to. I have accepted it as a part of being human and when insecurity does rear it’s ugly head, I either use my mind to make it go away, or I just let it pass.

So, I hope you remember that just because you are having a day when you don’t feel so good, it does not mean that you are not a strong, resilient and confident person. It just means that you are human and just like everyone else, you will have times when you do not feel as sure of yourself


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