A Strange but Funny Bullying Story


I was bullied by everyone for everything. It seemed they were all just dying to get a pound of flesh.

I’ll never forget one occasion during the seventh grade when it got so ridiculous that I had two people fight among themselves over who was going to get first dibs at jumping me. I’ll always remember one bully screaming to the other,

“I want my turn first!”
“No! I’m first!”
“She’s MINE to whoop, NOT yours!”

Shocked, I remember thinking, “Wow! Is this really happening? It couldn’t be this easy!”

And back and forth it went until they came to blows and forgot all about me! I only took this as my cue to get lost! It’s hilarious when I think about it now.

14 thoughts on “A Strange but Funny Bullying Story

    • Hahaha! That’s what I thought at the time it was happening! And for a second, I just stood there speechless before snapping out of it and getting out of sight!

  1. I loved this two bullies looking like fools while you left unscathed. Thanks for showing us how bullies get side tracked when deciding who gets first dibs on someone

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