He’s Just a Little Kid — Peaceful Rampage

Bullying is tough enough, but what if the bully is a kid smaller than you? How do you defend yourself without being seem as the bully strictly because you’re older than the bully. This happens more than people admit.

When most people think of bullying, they usually get images like the one above, a bigger stronger person picking on a smaller weaker one. However, it is just as likely that the reverse can be the case in regards to bullying. The smaller person will be the bully because if the bigger one retaliates, they […]

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2 thoughts on “He’s Just a Little Kid — Peaceful Rampage

  1. Yes I did have a bully who was smaller, Eileen Kibler. She was a cunning, deranged lunatic who would never accept me for who I was, disrupted my routines & stole my lunch money on a daily basis. I tried to get her in trouble, but nothing was ever done.

    Another kid of a small stature, whose name I forgot, called me Satan and would cut in front of me in lunch lines, etc…

    • It’s frustrating isn’t it? They use their smallness to seduce others and make you look like the villain. No doubt they probably grew up to be narcissists.

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