Don’t Wonder if They’ll Like You, Wonder if You’ll Like Them.


When you walk in a room, you shouldn’t wonder if the people there will like you, you should wonder whether you’ll like them. Any time you get nervous upon meeting new people, the root of the nervousness is that you’re afraid they won’t like you. Don’t do that! Understand that when you worry about how others will perceive you, you’re taking value away from yourself and giving them too much of it! Not good!

Stop giving people you don’t know the worth they haven’t earned!

That’s right! When you meet new people, they (and you) are starting with a clean slate and as far as you’re concerned, it’s up to them whether they fill that slate with negatives or positives. They must prove to you whether they’re people that you want in your life, not the other way around.


When you worry needlessly whether other people will like you, you are giving them all your power and leaving none for yourself. And you’ll likely go out of your way to prove to them that you’re worthy of their time. Bullies will sniff that out and they’ll take advantage of you.

Stop! It’s too much work and it’s beneath you!

When I was a young teenager, I did the same because I didn’t know any better. And it cost me! Today, I’m the opposite. When I meet a new person, I wonder if I’m going to like them. If a person wants my friendship and my trust, and my time, they have to earn them.

Be picky about who you allow in your life because you don’t want to let just anyone in! And you don’t want to let them in right away. Observe them first. Note their demeanor and how they carry themselves because it will tell you a lot.

Realize that when you make friends and associates, it’s because you chose them out of a vast number of people you’ve met.

Selectiveness adds value to a person. So, always value yourself.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Wonder if They’ll Like You, Wonder if You’ll Like Them.

  1. So true and having that confidence and mindset give you a huge advantage. I went to a conference and was able to employ this same tactic. I found a group of people that I liked and we hung out at the opening reception. Later in the conference, my boss who was there as well, found me and said he wanted “to introduce you to some powerful people” I dutifully followed him through the crowd only to have him try to introduce me to my new friends. He was a little crushed that I already knew them and he couldn’t show off!

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