Catch 22: Female Bully Versus Male Victim


Here is a situation, which almost no one talks about and is too often ignored- female bullying against male victims and why society gives male victims a bum rap.

I cannot count the stories I’ve both read and heard about males being harassed and abused by vicious females…boys and young men, who are, under normal circumstances, kind and caring but only pushed too far by their female tormentors before they finally have enough and strike back to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, after having been bullied for so long, the pressure builds to a breaking point. The poor guy finally decides that enough is enough and hits the girl back after she hits him first. As a result, HE gets the blame simply because he is a male.

Because the girl knows very well that society protects females due to the still widely-held belief that females are the weaker sex, she uses it to her own advantage by playing the “woman card” and feigning victimhood- complete with crocodile tears, rationalization and projecting blame onto her victim.

female bullies bitches

The conniving and cunning female also deceives by acting sweet and innocent in the presence of the right people. She is silver-tongued. Therefore, she is a pro at spinning a convincing story to deceive authority while demonizing her victim…all to avoid being held responsible.

Although the poor victim is actually a great guy with good morals, values, and ethics; to bystanders and authority, he is just another punk, who goes around beating up on girls/women. He ends up either being suspended/expelled from school, or arrested and charged as a criminal, while his female bully looks on with a smirk of gratification on her face. She then escapes punishment and goes on to select yet another male victim. Thus, the cycle continues.

If the young man didn’t hit her back, but only restrained her to protect himself, he would still be dehumanized and punished because he simply laid hands on her. Yes. You read this correctly…if someone physically attacks you and you restrain them, you can STILL go to jail as if you delivered the first punch because your hands were touching the person. It is impossible to restrain anyone without touching them.

Abandoned jail common room in cell block

Interior of cell block in abandoned State Correctional Institution, or jail., common room with jail cells.

This is just a sad example of how completely backward school rules and the laws in this country really are.

Here’s a second catch 22:

A young man is being bullied relentlessly at school by a girl or group of girls. The girl(s)harass this boy for a number of years and during this time, the other boys also laugh and make fun of him because he is the bigger person and walks away instead of fighting back. They feminize him by calling him names, such as “wuss”, “wimp”, “pussy”, “bitch-boy” and other names which attack the male pride and strip away any masculinity.

The poor guy then reports the bullying only to be told to “man up” or “toughen up” and the boys only further shame him for being a “whiner”, “crybaby” or “tattle tale”.

Then, the young boy finally gets sick of the mistreatment and he snaps on one of the girls, battering her until her lip and nose are bleeding. Now, all hell breaks loose!

victim why

The victim goes from being seen as a wimp to being seen as a little punk who gets his jollies by beating up on females. He can’t win no matter which way he turns! He is suspended, expelled, or arrested for assault and battery. Also, the boys now want to jump him because he hit a girl. The poor young man, although a victim, is now marginalized by the system, which is supposed to protect him.

So what other recourse does a victim have after having tried everything to protect himself and make the harassment stop?

My purpose is to open a few eyes and let society know that boys DO get bullied by girls…that more and more men DO get bullied by women. I believe this is because females are more prone to violence today than ever before in history, due to the significant moral decline of girls, which has taken place in the last 30 years.

However, understand that this article does not apply to male bullies, who DO go around physically or psychologically harming females but only to innocent male victims, who only want to be left in peace and live a normal life like everyone else.


If two men are at odds with each other and they resort to fisticuffs, they usually end up later patching things up, then going somewhere to have a beer together. Not so with women. If two women get into an altercation, chances are that they will not let go of their hatred of each other. A woman is like a dog with a bone. She will cling tightly to her grudge against her rival until the heavens come crashing down.

In closing, I will tell you that women are not always the weaker sex. I’m a woman myself and I know first hand that when it comes to evil, women, and girls can be the meanest, most disgusting, most relentless, most deplorable, and most vicious of the sexes! In most cases of bullying and harassment by the opposite sex, victims who are male get a bum rap! This has to be brought to light!

It’s high time that we wise up, rip the fake mask off these vicious shrews and expose their misdeeds to as many people as possible in order to decrease the chances of other innocent men and boys becoming victims in the future.

12 thoughts on “Catch 22: Female Bully Versus Male Victim

  1. Thank you so much for this! I have a lot of thoughts on this one. For a society that prides itself on being “modern” there still so many gender and racial stereotypes. You are so right on all of this. A lot of times girls will pick on and bully a guy especially if he is not one of the jocks or popular guys. A lot of times it is a guy who is a book worm, average, maybe non-athletic, whatever the case may be but not in the clique. A lot of times a high school for example will have those 5-10 guys who basically run the school and all the girls are after them while ignoring or bullying the average dude. That average dude often years later physically fills out and goes on to be a great success but the teen and younger years can be rough. Second, because of the stereotyping he can be bullied if he is not athletic or mechanical (guy stereotype) or even tall. Third ,on physical bullying research has actually indicated that females strike males about as often as males. 1 in 4 women are victims of constant being struck, but 1 in 7 men are. No one should be hitting the other person. Frankly a lot of the time both genders are doing the attacking but as you said women play the gender card. A person has a right within reason to defend his or herself. If she is pounding on him and he pushes her off or down in self defense, I don’t think that means he is of poor character necessarily. No one should be hurting anyone else regardless of gender. Look for those who want to argue gender differences here are the facts. Yes in general men are often bigger and stronger than women. Some of them is hormones, some of that is boys tend to hit puberty later and a lot of that comes down to gender stereotypes where boys are expected to do heavy physical labor. Trust me, I have seen many females and more and more these days that when given the opportunity if they regularly do physical labor they are every bit as strong or stronger than the guys. Plus the operative word is in general. An individual girl can be stronger than an individual boy. I know of a gym where there are about 5 women who work out regularly that are in the top 20 percent of amount of weight lifted in the entire gym. If you have a room of say 1 woman and 100 men who all work out let’s say that 60 of the 100 men can outlift her. You would say generally speaking the men are stronger, BUT what was overlooked is she could outlift 40 of the guys. Get the point? And also you have the factor that anyone can be injured or hurt if they don’t fight back. Someone five foot and 90 lbs if they continue to hit and punch someone bigger who doesn’t defend his or herself can be hurt. Plus people don’t understand the adrenlaine factor either. When a person gets worked up they can exude 10 times as much power as they normally have. That is how you see small people lifting 2,000 pound cars when a loved one is trapped, meaning any person can hurt someone else.

    • Wow! You are spot on with every point you’ve stated. You don’t know how much I appreciate your thoughts on this.

      And please accept my sincerest apologies for not seeing this comment much sooner. WP has been sending a lot of legitimate comments to my spam folder lately and I didn’t think to check it. I’m truly sorry.

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  3. Oh yeah. Both genders can be bullies. We have to get out of stereotypes. There are some girls who are legit stronger than some guys or the guy has been taught by society to never defend themselves vs a female and if you are being attacked anyone can be hurt.

    • That’s absolutely correct. And that was the purpose for this post. Many times I’ve seem great guys get their lives ruined because of a vindictive female and I thought it needed to be addressed.

      • It does! Because I think when it comes to issues of bullying, domestic violence, set ups, etc people need to be aware that every single person male or female is capable of being a bully or being a victim. We need to start recognizing you are either a good man or a good woman or not. I can’t wait to read your email! Look forward to the response on some issues I asked about. Thank you!

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