Your Choice of Friends is About How They Make You Feel About Yourself


And no, I don’t mean the type of friends who only tell you what you want to hear. You can get that anywhere.

I’m talking about something that goes much deeper.

It’s not about how much money or prestige they have- the hot car they drive or the latest fashions they wear. It’s not about how good they look or how popular they are.

It’s all in how they make us feel about ourselves, and the space they give us to grow. Even better, it’s how they help us to grow and vice versa.

If the person makes you feel bad about yourself and makes you doubt yourself- if she makes you feel left out and discarded, then that person is not for you! They’re not worthy of your time and are a waste of energy.

Always keep company with those who make you feel the best about yourself- that means the people who want to see you do good for yourself, the people who point you in the right direction, and the people who remain loyal even when the chips are down.


Associate only with the people who love, encourage and want your very best. Reserve your friendship only for those who have your back! Choose the friend who is willing to walk through the fire with you.

Never chase anyone who doesn’t care or makes you feel terrible about yourself. Because if they’re a true friend, they won’t tear you down and make you feel worthless.

They won’t block your path to success. You won’t have to fight for their time or their love. They will make time for you and give love freely.

Be selective of who you let in your life!

6 thoughts on “Your Choice of Friends is About How They Make You Feel About Yourself

  1. This is so so important! The company we keep matters! I think most of us have those 1 or 2 lifetime friends and when we are in middle or high school think our friends will last a lifetime. Not many do, people go on with their life and we become different people (looks, attitudes, career, family). Sometimes we even learn we need to change our base of friends and when push comes to shove we can count on one hand how many truly friends we have. When you find them hang on to them and cherish them! And watch who you are friends with. If their morals lack something to be desired, people will naturally assume yours do too.

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