Find Your Bullies’ Triggers and Use Them

bullying baiting

Here’s how you expose the bullies for the brutes they are. Use their own tactics against them! How you do this is to find what triggers their emotions, then use it to your advantage.

And why not? They’ve been doing the same to you for a long time now, haven’t they? As much as I hate to say it, sometimes you must play the bully’s game if you expect to survive. And I know it’s not a pleasant place to be. It sucks! But sometimes, you must wade through crap to come out clean on the other side.

Here’s how you do it!

1. Get the bully in public – in front of coworkers and supervisors, or classmates and teachers. Then very sneakily do something you know will trigger them. Bait them into a reaction, then stand back and watch with pleasure as the bully yells, screams, curses, and exposes themselves in front of everyone.

If you live in a one-party consent jurisdiction, record the outburst, and if you’re sure it’s safe, blast it all over social media.

2. Befriend others the bully has bullied (preferably people who’ve been fired or no longer have any contact with the bully). Then have them spread it all over social media. Give the bully the reputation they so deserve.

Exposure is the best way to conquer bullies! So, out them! Better yet, trick them into outing themselves!

7 thoughts on “Find Your Bullies’ Triggers and Use Them

  1. This is such a hard one because you don’t want to become what the bully is. This should be done only in self-defense but everyone has a right to defend themselves. Definitely get with others who have been bullied. Frankly there is strength in numbers and here is the bigger thing. Many followers of a bully, follow because they are sheep or are too afraid to tell a bully what he or she is doing is wrong. If they see a counter group it may entice some of the fence sitters who have a strand of dignity to join forces with the group who has been bullied taking the bully’s power away.

  2. And what other thought about facing them in public. It is good to see the bully’s true colors. Often times the bullying occurs when not many others are looking so they can play innocent (that is one of the reason’s why your school bullies probably have a problem with the blogs and books you have written because they wanted it to be a secret). The other thing too and I know this is controversial but sometimes though I am anti-violence standing up to them and even physically fighting them can’t be off the table. The way I see it is this. One if you end up the losing end, well it was expected. People assume the bully is all big and bad so you have nothing to lose. Two, a lot of times because the bully is a coward at heart. They will back down and claim “You aren’t worth it” but that is okay. Many times they will move to another target. Three and I have seen this happen before. Sometimes that small,meek mild non-threatening person when pushed too far will surprise you and open a can. If a bully loses to someone like that, they lose everything.

    • Absolutely right. Sometimes there is no alternative but to fight to keep from getting hurt. I talk about this very subject in a future blog post that’s scheduled. It’s coming soon.

  3. Brilliant tactic as long as it doesn’t end up with everyone standing in solidarity with the bully… and that could happen. You just have to really know the bully and all their allies.

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