When A Bully Gets Physical, Should You Hit Back?

It seems to be the question on everyone’s mind these days, especially in the notoriously politically correct climate in which we live. The media and politicians vehemently discourage fighting violence with violence. You’ll hear statements from others, such as:

“Two wrongs don’t make a right.”
“Turn the other cheek.”
“Don’t stoop to the bully’s level.”
And the all-time favorite,
“Be the bigger person and walk away.”

I’ve heard them all.

self defense

Yes, you should try more peaceful ways first, like walking away from the bully or reporting it to someone in power. However, what if the more peaceful solutions don’t work?

If you don’t stand up for yourself, the bully will only continue to come after you and hurt you. You’ll be a punching bag for everyone who knows you at school or elsewhere. Because when word gets around that one person can hit you and get away with it, everyone else will think they can too and you’ll be the school or the community whipping boy. That’s no way to live.

In the middle of a physical attack, the last resort is the only option you have.

So, here it is:

When a bully physically attacks you, you have a God-given, primal, animal right to defend yourself from being harmed. I state this with full conviction!

If a bully hits you first, haul off and knock his block off! And when you do, don’t just give him a love pat. Deck the creep with the strength of your entire body- hit so hard that the bully has difficulty getting back up. Then unleash a hail of hard licks so that he doesn’t get up. Because once the bully gets up, he will charge you!

Yeah. I know it isn’t the “politically correct” thing to do. But when someone is harming you, all that jazz about political correctness and being the bigger person goes out the window, and the gloves are off.

The only thing you should think of at this point is how to disable the bully so or give him such a bad memory that he’ll never even think about coming for you again. You aren’t a troublemaker or a brute for this, folks! It’s called self-defense!

This doesn’t mean bringing a gun or other deadly weapon. Lethal weapons will only get someone killed, and you put behind bars for the rest of your life. Never EVER carry a gun to school! It’s much better to put up your dukes and throw down when you must.

Bully picking on smaller weaker teenager with very agressive behavior shoving his face into the bus

I’ll say again, punch the bully’s lights out! You may get suspended from school, fired from work, or even go to jail for a night or two. However, physical attacks are much more vicious nowadays and if you just let someone smack you around, they’ll only intensify the beatings until they hurt you bad enough to send you to the hospital or worse! And I’d much rather be suspended, lose a job, or spend a night in jail than to spend a month in the hospital or end up six feet under.

I don’t condone fighting. Although I fought many times in school, I hated it each time I had to. I was a 5’4″, 120-pound girl being jumped and most of the time by multiple assailants, a male attacker, or a female much bigger than me. There were times when I was also boxed in where I couldn’t go anywhere.

There was no other choice. It was either fight or risk my bullies possibly maiming or killing me. Sometimes the last resort is the only way to protect yourself and let a bully know that you’re not the one to mess with and that you aren’t afraid to fight back if necessary.

There will be others who may disagree with this post, and that’s okay. I am very thick-skinned now and rarely do I get offended. I can agree to disagree. But I will do what I have to do to protect my well-being and my life if ever I’m in physical danger.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

27 thoughts on “When A Bully Gets Physical, Should You Hit Back?

  1. Good read.😊 I suppose who so ever goes through a certain situation tells the whole scenario, the outcomes and the way out properly and effectively and I think you did it my friend 👍

  2. Okay several thoughts here and you are right this is not PC so some are going to disagree. I have come to realize you should absolutely fight back! I will comment in multiple posts and by the way I sent you another email with some questions sort of related to the topic.

  3. Another thing that is good if you can possibly do it in your situation is make sure someone sees or hears what they are doing. “Don’t mess with them. So and so did this and got it back and then some from them.” Gets around and it helps a bit. If you wind up getting suspended or fired or in jail, your documentation will go a long way to defend you. Schools, I think, are slowly, inexorably starting to realize this happens and needs to stop but what you said in another post about the politics is true as well.

  4. Let me say for the record I am a non-violent person. But here is the thing. There are some times you have to be willing to duke it out. A lot of bullies get their power because of physical intimidation. They are perceived as stronger, tougher, etc and one of the reasons they become the leader of the pack is because other kids perceive them as tougher and are scared to confront them or it is the reason they follow them because they don’t want to bullied themselves or they secretly fear they would get pounded too.

  5. But in my opinion, a lot of times standing your ground and showing a willingness to tangle will get them to back them down because actually they are a coward at heart and if you stand up to them they are going to go after an easier target.

  6. Also the risk is actually on their side. If you stand up to them and they back down in front of others, they lose their power and if they have to have friends do their dirty work they show they are cowards. Two, if they win well it was expected and at the very least you have a chance to at least get a shot in and they may still back off of you because you stood up. Lastly if you do end up winning, they lose all of their status. Sometimes the quiet, meek ones who wouldn’t hurt a fly have this pent up rage from being picked upon they can surprise you.

  7. I haven’t thought about this for a long time. My grade eight teacher took me aside one day. He knew I wasn’t very big, he talked to me about going into high school. He gave me some advice, advice I have never forgotten. He said the first time someone starts picking on you take his head and slam it into the locker. Well I had to use that advice, I was never picked on again in high school.

    • I understand, Dwain. Sometimes you have to do something drastic to show others that you won’t be screwed with. It’s like when a new prison inmate whips the biggest, baddest dude in the prison yard to send a message to the rest of the inmates. Sometimes you have to set a precedent.

      And secondly, I’m so sorry I didn’t see this comment. For some reason, WP has been sending a lot of legitimate comments to my spam folder and I didn’t think to check it. So, please except my sincere apologies.

  8. I don’t disagree… however, it never worked for me. When I was a kid, I hit back, I got in serious trouble, the other kid got off scot free, and everyone learned that they could be mean to me and provoke a reaction and I’d be the one getting in trouble, not them. None of the adults at school cared about the way the other kids treated me. No one cared about victims of boy-on-boy bullying in the 80s.

  9. Unknown to me, my youngest son, mildly autistic, was being bullied in high school. Over a few days it escalated and he told me about it. I went to the principals office. They said they’d look into it.
    That day I received a call from the school telling me my son was suspended. “Why?”
    He hit the bully in the cafeteria and they had a zero tolerance for that.

    I laughed at the principal. “I’m proud of him.”

    “I’ll deny it if you ever tell anyone, but I’m proud of him too.”

    • I’m proud of him too, Texas Jack. Because sometimes you have no choice but to hit back if the bully doesn’t leave you alone and many times, they WON’T leave you alone especially after you’ve exhausted all nonviolent means to de-escalate the problem. Bullies only understand power and strength. Nothing else. And there will be times when you must give them a taste of their own medicine.

  10. After reading your post, I agree that when certain situations where the bully has gone too far, we must stand up and defend ourselves. Thats specially for physical/general bullying.

    Modern day bullying evolve overtime. These days, bullying uses power, rules, policies, psychology, cyber-bullying, labeling, social ostracizing, manipulation and such to cover it up completely so legally speaking, it can never be bullying because it doesn’t fit the definition.

    Evil evolve like technology does, so standing up and fighting back in the areas i mentioned requires a much different approach.

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