Dandelions Are Beautiful but Not Real Flowers

toxic people

Some people claim to be with you, but you never hear a peep from them until you trigger them somehow- you say something they take out of context or voice an opinion or belief they don’t agree with. Then suddenly, the floodgates fly open and their simmering rage and hate rushes forth like a raging torrent. It can be both shocking and painful. But!

Be glad because this is how you know they were never for you to begin with. Now you can weed them out before they do even further damage.

19 thoughts on “Dandelions Are Beautiful but Not Real Flowers

  1. This is something I’ve struggled with recently. It was a cousin who I thought was someone I had a good relationship with. I needed to hear this to know I’ve done the right thing by disconnecting from her. I guess you try and do the right thing and keep the peace because you’re family and you want your kids to have a relationship but in the end it’s not honoring who you are as a person and your boundaries – thank you πŸ™

    • I’m so sorry you endured that too. Like you, I walked away from the person. Luckily she wasn’t a family member but I thought she was a friend. But sometimes God reveals their true intentions to you. Thank you so much for your thoughts. ❀

  2. This is so true and real. Currently, I am experiencing this at my work place. It’s really a difficult situation to handle. But I believe with God, I will triumph at the end. Thanks for sharing this Cherie! πŸ’œ

  3. The only thing I disagree on is that dandelions are, in fact, flowers. My four-year old grandson gives them to his mom all the time and he would never give her weeds. lol.

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