Never Compare Yourself to Someone Else

Many targets of bullying get into the habit of comparing themselves to others. For example, a bullied kid sitting in the lunchroom at school may look a few tables over and see the very kids who bully him surrounded by friends, yucking it up and having a good time. They seem to be enjoying friendships while the bullied kid is left in the cold. And watching causes an ache in the poor kid’s chest. He thinks to himself:

“I wish I were like him because if I were, I’d have friends too. I hate him because he’s a creep and doesn’t deserve to be so lucky! Why him? I deserve it more than he does? It’s not fair!
But when is life ever fair?

Here’s another example:

A coworker at a company sees another coworker who hasn’t put in as much time getting a promotion. He immediately gets angry and thinks that the only way the other guy must’ve gotten that promotion is by sucking up to the boss. He then begins to wish the other coworker all kinds of bad luck.

Comparing yourself to others is a real self-esteem killer. But sadly, people do it all the time. When you compare your life to someone else’s, it only breeds all kinds of toxic emotions, two of which are anger and jealousy.

Understand that you cannot judge a person’s outward appearance or the appearances they keep up and accurately judge what their life is like. Because people are notorious for showing only the best parts of their lives and keeping the less-than-desirable parts hidden.

Also realize that some people, bullies especially, making it a point to flash the positive aspects of their lives to those around them for the sole purpose of provoking envy. Because knowing that others are jealous of them is a huge boost to their egos, giving them a sense of power and that they’re better. Realize that the appearances these people keep up are only a show.

An example of this would be:

You see someone decked out in fancy clothes and drives a hot sports car. They have a six-bedroom house in the ritzy part of town. But! Although they look like they’re rolling in money, they’re more than likely only living beyond their means. Chances are that they’re in debt up to their eyeballs and feeling terrified inside because they know that if the slightest setback happens, they’ll lose it all!

Here are more examples:


You see a seemingly happy couple in a shopping mall and you’re still single. They look so happy and so in love, and they have friends around them. But you don’t know what goes on in their house. The husband might be abusing his wife behind closed doors (or vise versa) and they’re only putting on airs. They might be on the brink of divorce.

You may look on social media and see pictures of one of your someone you know lying on the beach in the tropics. But what you don’t know is that they had to clean out their savings just to take that trip.

Here’s my point. Never judge anyone who seems a little luckier than you, because, in private, they could be fighting battles you know nothing about.

They may have a mother at home dying of cancer, a father who went off to war and never came back, or be buried in legal issues.

And many times, you feel so content with your life until you spot these people. All of a sudden, you’re feeling less than. This should be a good indicator as to how useless envy and self-comparison really is.

How you fight this is to take your attention off these people and count your blessings. Because although they may be luckier than you in one aspect, you are most likely better off than them in other ways. Think about it.

Understand that anytime you feel jealous of another person, it only means that deep inside, you have a deep-seated spirit of lack and failure and you want to take the other person’s good fortune away from them and keep it for yourself.


It’s a sign that you don’t feel that you can ever reach those goals yourself. Stop it! Because if they can, you can too.

Stop comparing yourself to others because it’s a waste of time and energy. It also drains you of confidence.

Know that you are enough and your life is enough. And you never know what the future holds. You too may someday buy your dream home, find a loving partner, or get the opportunity to go on a tropical getaway.

For now, be happy for those who are presently getting those opportunities. Instead of provoking jealousy in you, these people should inspire you and give you hope for the future.

21 thoughts on “Never Compare Yourself to Someone Else

  1. Very nicely bright out. I fully concur with your views. Jealousy is said to be the jaundice of the soul. Thanks for sharing a beautiful article 😊

  2. This one really stepped on my toes.I think most of us are guilty of that. We don’t understand beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people are going to like you, others not. I think with me relationships are where I compare myself. I think I am a nice decent person but I have no luck in them no matter how hard I try and I put up with too much or as I have said before I have stayed in relationships for selfish reasons like money. I see so many people in what seems like great relationships and sometimes I will see people not to be shallow that I feel I am just as attractive as or as nice as or as successful as and they constantly find people and I can’t, which makes me feel like maybe I am just a complete loser. And then I see some people madly in love with someone, will date, this person is their soul mate blah blah and then a breakup occurs and two days later they are in another relationship. How? That has never been me and it makes me jealous and I wish a failed relationship could rub off of me so easy.

    • I completely understand. I was there to years ago- wondering why others seem to get into good relationships so easily while I found it so hard to find a date that I had to date in the college age rang when Inwas still so young. And I too would get jealous of girls who seemed to have another date waiting in the wings as soon as their relationships ended. But from what I’ve found, I had nothing to be envious of because their lives weren’t as perfect as they made it out to be. And eventually, things worked out and I was able to have options as well.

  3. Jealousy and anger when constantly projected at another person it is also cursing them. Wishing them misfortune is cursing them. Comparing yourself with another is not good as you should be looking at your uniqueness. In this day and age too many people live beyond their means just to try and flow with the crowd. Credit card overspending just to keep up with the Joneses.

    Dating and what people will do to attract a date this is what many are not aware of, it is not their assumed good looks but what is on offer. When young we do not realise what the game is.

  4. Yes, I agree with you, count your blessings! It opens our eyes to the good things in our life. If we keep comparing our life to that of others, we may miss seeing the blessings we have.
    Great post!

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