To Forgive

Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting what happened.

I don’t forgive to let anyone off the hook.

I don’t forgive because what the person did was okay.

I don’t forgive to give the person a free pass.

I forgive them for my benefit.

I forgive to set myself free- free from anger and the need for revenge.

I forgive to give myself a gift.

Forgiving means that I can feel good about myself.

Forgiving means that I don’t have to think of the person anymore.

Forgiving means that I can walk away- make a clean break.

Forgiving means that I can sever ties with the pain and leave it behind.

Forgiving means I can move on.

Forgiving means that I choose to be happy.

29 thoughts on “To Forgive

  1. So true. When we forgive, we forgive ourselves first. Not forgiving is carrying an unnecessary burden that weighs us down, blocking us from much needed peace and growth

  2. Absolutely forgiveness is a good thing but should not be expected in some cases and you are the one doing the apologizing you just hope for the best. But the old adage forgive but not forget is important. I may be forgive someone and even in many cases give them a second or occasionally even a third change but each time you have a shorter leash and after a couple of times of doing the same thing, I am done completely. I have no problem booting people who mistreat me out of my life.

    • I completely get that. I’ve written a post about forgiving and not forget. Forgive yes, but only a fool would forget. And forgiving doesn’t mean you have to have anything to do with the person. You can forgive and still be wise not to trust the person. Thank you for your thoughts, hon.

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