How The Left Killed The Goals and Dreams of Female Athletes

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I haven’t gotten very political on this blog. If possible, I try not to as politics is a very slippery subject. However, there’s one thing that concerns me and after what I’ve read and heard today and I can’t keep quiet.

As we know, an executive order was signed that allows transgender women (people who were born males but became women through sex-change operations, or men who “identify” as women) to participate in women’s or girls sports. Though I’m not biased against people who identify as the opposite sex and believe in treating them as I would want to be treated, I’m outraged at this executive order! Yes! As a woman, I’m angry!

And this bogus executive order was signed in the name of equality? Really? How is this equality?

Let’s break it down:

Although, trans women may or may no longer have the male reproductive organs they were born with, they still have the muscle mass, bone density, and body structure of a male. This equals an unfair advantage over biological women in sports.

So, where are the feminists and why are they silent about this? Where are the pink vagina hats? Could it be that the Left is secretly biased against women and always has been? And could it be that they’re using transgender equality and identity politics as a cover for it?

‘Sure seems that way to me.

Mysogyny male female

Think about it. What better way would there be to knock women off the playing field and, at the same time, give the appearance that they’re for gender equality? What better way is there to knock woman down a few notches than to allow biological men who identify as women to compete in women’s sports? And do it all in the name of transgender equality and identity politics?

It’s the perfect cover and the Left knows it. They only hope that nobody else is smart enough to figure it out- least of all their voter base.

This post may piss a lot of people off but I refuse to sit by and watch women and young girls be discriminated against under the guise of transgender equality. I don’t blog to win some popularity contest and accumulating a large number of followers doesn’t concern me. My only concern is right and wrong and my only goals are speaking out against injustice and reaching out to people who are downtrodden and hurting.

Again, as a woman, I’m appalled at this ridiculous law, but I’m not surprised. I’ve seen the hypocrisy of the Left and I’ve witnessed it for years.

I’ve also heard the Left’s claims of championing equal rights for women. But they also back countries like Iran- countries, in which it is a custom and ritual to oppress and brutalize females! These are the very countries where a woman is flogged in the streets for as much as speaking without permission, walking too loud, or daring not to walk behind a man. In these countries, women are only allowed to go to school until the age of eight and are taken as brides as early as nine.

male/female gender equality

Folks, you can’t claim equal rights for women and girls then, in the same breath, back countries that brutalize and commit unspeakable acts against them; just as you can’t claim gender equality while forcing women to compete in sports against people who were born male but identify as women.

This is unfair any way you slice it and you only prove yourself sexist, but under the facade of “transgender equality.” A biological woman can’t compete against a transgender or transsexual woman due to body composition.

As stated earlier, you can take away the sex organs but you can’t change the composition of the body. And those of you that have young daughters and granddaughters who dream of one day winning the Olympics have every right to be livid!

My heart goes out to all the young female athletes of today. Their goals and dreams have been stolen from them and I can feel their pain and sense of injustice.

Congratulations, Joe. Give yourself a pat on the back. Females have been held down all through history. And just as they were beginning to get close to having a fair shake, you’ve only set them back a century or so.

If this isn’t bullying on a massive scale, I don’t know what is.

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  2. Well said. This is part of the plan, much of it based on Saul Allinsky’s teachings to fundamentally change society.
    The New World Order, run by greed, hypocrisy, and socialist (Communists), is the ultimate plan. Take away freedoms and replace them with our dependencies on big government.
    It is ungodly, to say the least.

  3. The world gets crazier the older I get. These people who push these things are only interested in their own power. They could care less about individuals they hurt along the way.

      • Yes it is. We live in a free country yet let me speak my truth and see how quickly you’re told to shut up. I am so thankful I’m not a suicidal person with all this isolation. I’m so grateful for the gym. For a few minutes in that bubble things seem normal.

        • Oh my goodness! You and me both! This isolation is killing our young people and suicides have skyrocketed. It’s sad. And you’re wise to hit the gym. Exercise is the best stress amd depression buster there is I think. I have been working out almost every day for the last month and it’s helped me. And though I battled depression in the last week, without the workouts, it would have been much worse.

    • That’s right, Brandon. There’s nothing wrong with being a man and I encourage it. And I hate when the Left refers to it as toxic masculinity. What a crock! My husband is a masculine man and I love him for it.

      I believe this “toxic masculinity” garbage is the Left’s way of brainwashing and destroying the family unit. And it’s wrong. It both amazes and embarrasses me how many people actually fall for that crap.

      • I have to respectfully disagree with that. There is some toxic masulinity that is very damaging to the family unit. This concept of men not staying loyal to their wives because that is what men do or men not wanting capable women in positions of power is a problem. Some of it is overstated but some of it is very toxic. You also hit on something overlooked masculine men versus less masculine men. It doesn’t make a man less of he isn’t overmasculine. It doesn’t make him gay, whatever but society has changed. Less men do physical labor, men now raise children sometimes, some men are more sensitive now, etc. I think too many labels have been placed on what a male or a female is supposed to be.

        • No one is saying that there aren’t philanderers and abusive men out there because there are. And I think those men should be responsible for their behavior. However, to label all masculine men as having toxic masculinity is wrong. There are still men in the world who are responsible, hard-working, loving and who believe in the sanctity of marriage and in taking care of their families and it seems to be these men who are being attacked and painted with a broad brush.

          • Of course there are. I am just saying to pretend like toxic masculinity doesn’t exist isn’t factual either just like radicalized feminism can go to far as well. No one should be painted with a broad brush but there is appropriate behavior which should be expected.

          • That’s true. And the people who misbehave should be held accountable for it, be it that the wife or husband throws their cheating spouse out, or they get exposed before the world and have to live in shame for a bit.

  4. Such a great post Cherie and I’m glad you shared. I agree that this doesn’t seem fair to biological women and I’m also shocked that liberal feminists are silent. Makes me feel like they have an agenda that is actually NOT for women’s equality, but they say that as a cover for something else.

  5. Okay I am going to get slammed here but as a non member of the Trump Sheep Cult first of all this had already been passed in some places and though it is not my lifestyle of choice the President represents all people. Don’t they have rights too (hope you will publish this)

  6. Did you know there was a Transgender male (female at birth) that boxed against men and beat many of them? What about that? Aren’t you stereotyping all women? I don’t know. Maybe you have never been stronger than any male to have that perspective. Have you? I have been stronger than not every male but some males and I am proud of that. And at the gym I used to go to there were probably 3 to 5 women there as strong as most of the guys.

  7. Okay I have several opinions here probably over multiple posts so everyone can read them and I know my views aren’t going to be popular. But some of the views have to do with radicalization of mind and not understanding transgenders. It is not a lifestyle I get at all but I have a friend who is a transgender (and I try to be kind to all people) so here me out on this. (multiple posts)

    • I agree with your last statement. I believe that we should treat transgenders as kindly and we would want to be treated. However, I still believe that biological girls and women will have a hard time competing with them due to muscle mass and body structure and composition. Also, using the same bathrooms is going to be dangerous in that, it will be all too easy for a male rapist to lie and say that he identifies as a female, so he can follow a girl into the bathroom and have his way with her. I just see a lot of problems with this coming down the pike.

  8. Alright first of all, I am an independent voter but the right has too much radicalization. It is a party that is tailored to the wealthy and to white males. They never take into account there are people from all walks of life who have the same rights they do. If you ask most transgenders they have no problem competing against the sex they were born with but they aren’t allowed there either. So where is their place? Also it is largely dependent on if they had an actual sex change (adding testerone or Estrogen to their body) or are they simply going as the opposite gender with no biological change. There is a difference between the two and some people don’t realize that.

  9. Now as far as the physical differences. Males in general are stronger. Part of it has to do with the fact they often reach puberty later in life than females and are taught by society to be more aggressive. However that is changing to a degree and there are for example female golfers who can hit a golf ball 300 yards now, outdriving many men. That being said men as a group are stronger but it is not an absolute. But laws should have men vs men, women vs women, and if they choose to do so a group open to both genders but no male athlete should be forced to be in a league vs a woman and no woman should be forced to be in a league vs a man. Also what is overlooked is the sexual component to that even if a female is competitive vs a man. There is a sexual overtone to that. For example if you have let’s say 3 guys playing golf and one woman all good golfers. Odds are the men are going to flirt with the woman (maybe vice versa) to where there is a sexual overtone there that overrides the sport itself.

  10. I do want to add one more thing. I think what you have to do is either have a level for Transgenders or like I said a mixed level where males and females AGREE to compete with one another. There are exceptions to the rule where a female is as athletic or moreso and strong, but the problem lies that they are a smaller percentage and the exception to the rule. I would venture to guess that a really strong female is maybe stronger than say 20-30 percent of males so not impossible but unless they are a highly trained bodybuilder or something, 20-30 percent is going to be the norm. You can’t make laws off of 20-30 percent.

    • That, I can agree with. Have a level for transgenders. Have a female sports competition, male sports competition, and a transgender sports competition or have an agreement. That seems a lot fairer than what we have now. And there are a few women who have the strength and endurance of a man, but those are exeptions.

      • There is a difference between choice as well and being forced to compete with someone of the opposite sex

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  12. This one I am going to have to disagree with you and I respect most of your views. This one is pure politics. The actual policy doesn’t have to do with sports really, it is about allowing Transgenders to actively serve in the military without discrimination. Yes it falls into sports too but that is not actually what the big picture policy is, but Trumpers and Oan followers have jumped on one area. It is cherry picking.

    • I can agree to disagree and I commend you for disagreeing respectfully, especially in today’s world, where it seems to be lost on most people. Thank you so much for your comment.

  13. Many transgender athletes want to compete with their born biological gender but aren’t allowed to. How is that their fault? Also it comes now to are they someone that basically dresses at the opposite sex and acts/lives a life style as their opposite sex or have they had an actual sex change. If they have had an actual sex change they have taken hormones which make them that gender hence it is fair. In addition, there have been many cases where a biological female has defeated a biological male in athletic competition. It depends on training etc. No one is disputing in general males are stronger but the key word is in general. There is a growing number of female athletes that are every bit as good or better than some males. I just think you have to be careful because you are generalizing genders. It is really about the individual.

    • I agree that they should be allowed to compete with their born gender. And that having a sex change should be a personal decision. I feel that what they do with their life, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else, should be their business and no one has a right to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do in that aspect. That I agree with. And there are women who have the strength of a man, it’s true that they’re out there. But they’re the exception and not the rule.

      • But you see that is where it gets tricky. In the issue of sports and other things, if someone actually has a sex change they have become that gender so if you say someone who had a sex change to become a man or woman how do you tell them they are not allowed to participate in a “male event” if they were born female but become male or a “female event” where they were born male but become female. That is discrimination.

        • It’s very tricky. And they may no longer have the sex organs but they still have the muscle mass, the better bone density, the height, body weight, all those are unfair advantages as well. To solve this conundrum, my opinion would be to designate a sports category for transgender sexes. Just as they have a men’s and a women’s competition in sports. Designate a competition for transgendered women and transgendered men. I do think it would level the playing field tremendously.

  14. The question is are there enough Transgender athletes to do that though. Yes there are some but athletics are tied with money. Schools have to have enough competitors are they will lose money to have a separate team. Plus you have state and national competitions which are big money competitions. The problem lies that many schools don’t have any transgender athletes at all or maybe only one and also the fact that at specific schools girls often defeat transgenders. The problem lies that in state competitions a lot of times (though not always) a transgender will win a title. It is very very tricky. But I do think we have turned it into politics which is a shame when this law actually is about transgenders being allowed to be themselves and serve our military which they have that right.

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  16. You know I am going to agree and disagree on this one. Females are actually beating a lot of transgenders in competition, it is just those at the very top have an advantage. It is an issue but not as big as some think. The bigger issue for me is the bathrooms. As far as sports goes, there are some girls/women who did well competing against men but there should be separate leagues for the most part with individual women deciding to compete against men but only if they realize if they do, it should be equal treatment. I will also say this and no disrespect to men but I think today’s male is different. This isn’t an insult because there are still some manly dudes out there but I think in a day and age where less physical labor occurs etc men are not as strong (talking as a whole and the average man) as they used to be. I know of some women who can legitimately take a guy. Not all of course but some.

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  18. As someone who unfortunately suffered the loss of both testicles and is also unable to take hormone replacement, my testosterone levels are virtually the same as a woman’s. Yet, even being without testicles for four years I have retained a lot of the male sports advantages that men have over women. So, I’m very much still a man despite not having balls, and, it should be clear to all that, from a physical perspective, transwomen are still men.

    • You’re absolutely correct. My heart goes out to you and I’m so sorry that happened to you. And yes, you’re still very much a man. Know that you have friends here and we support you. I’m one of them.

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