When Your Bullies Label You “Mentally Imbalanced” or “Crazy”

Unfortunately, the label of mental instability is the easiest and most effective label to stick to a person. Sadly, a label like this tends to have loads of staying power because it’s the hardest to disprove- especially when the object of it is being bullied and mobbed.

Also, there’s a good chance that any target of bullying will be an emotional wreck because of the chronic abuse they suffer. So, there’s another reason the crazy label would be a clever label to pin to them.

When bullies label you as crazy, it doesn’t mean they actually think you are. Allow me to explain further:

Remember that bullies are big cowards and if they really and truly thought you were crazy, they wouldn’t mess with you at all. In, fact, they wouldn’t come near you. Instead, they would do everything they could to stay out of your way and avoid poking the bear.

They’d go out of their way to be on their best behavior around you because they know that if a person is, in fact, crazy, that person could rip their heads off and poop down their necks! That person could go postal and wipe them all out, then go eat ice cream!

If a person with any common sense knows someone who is factually and utterly batshit crazy, their first instinct is to walk lightly around them and do their due diligence to keep from setting that person off!

So, if your bullies don’t really think you’re crazy, why then do they label you as such?

The reason your bullies label you crazy is to discredit you in case you get fed up with their crap and decide to either report them or stand up to them. And if everyone thinks you’re crazy and you report that you’re being bullied, who’s going to take you seriously?

Labeling the target mentally imbalanced is also a way to silence and subdue the target to keep them from reporting the abuse or standing up to it. If you know that people think you’re crazy you’re going to be too afraid to open your mouth about it because you know that people probably won’t believe you. They will only say that, because of your “mental instability,” you’re probably just being paranoid.

You’ll also be too afraid to fight back because if you do, you know that the bullies will only convincingly reverse roles and play victim. Then, others will only assume that you went postal and either hurt those poor, innocent bullies, or you just threw a temper tantrum and began shouting and cursing people out for no reason. All because you’re just “crazy.”

Sure. Mental instability is one of the hardest to prove. It’s true that your bullies can never prove you’re crazy, but there’s also no way that you can prove for certain that you aren’t. And it’s why this label is just too easy to pen on someone and make stick. In fact, it shouldn’t be this easy and be so successful. But it is.

Do you see how this works?

So, no. Your bullies don’t think you’re crazy, they think you’re weak. They only push the crazy label because weakness or helplessness in a person does have a certain allure and appeal and others may feel compelled to come to that person’s aid. Helplessness sparks a natural tendency in people to want to take care of the person who is helpless, but people are less likely to help the person who is deemed crazy. Bullies instinctively know this. So, they label the target crazy to strip him/her of that allure and appeal.

In labeling you crazy and making it stick, bullies are better able to avoid being held accountable and if they can successfully dodge responsibility for their abuse of another human being, then they get to continue hurting and abusing that person freely and with impunity.

Understand that there’s a method behind the label of mental instability, crazy, unhinged, or whatever name you prefer. If you’re aware of the motives behind that label, the better you’ll be able to catch it and counter your bullies with it.

14 thoughts on “When Your Bullies Label You “Mentally Imbalanced” or “Crazy”

  1. Hehe ‘This’ iS How
    i Stay in Town
    Bullies Don’t
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    Naked Man With


    “Crazy Eye”

    For You “See”

    “Crazy is
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    Or in My Underwear hAha 😜

    • Thank you so much! It didn’t occur to me until about 5 years ago. It was an epiphany to me while watching Star Wars- the part where Chewbacca and C3P0 were playing a checker board and Chewie gets mad. Han Solo hints to the Droid in so many words that Wookies pull people’s arms out of the sockets when they lose and for 3p0 to be careful. Lolol That’s when it hit me!

  2. That makes so much sense. I’ve actually been through this. Then spoken with my then boss about being discriminated against and instead I was asked if everything was all right at home?! She had obviously been privy to my bullying colleagues gossiping about me.

    Everything was great at home just not at work. Because I was the only “brown” person in the work place, I couldn’t help wondering if it was just underlying racism that singled me out. Either way, I’m so glad I don’t work there any more. Leaving was my only option.

    Thanks for sharing this very thoughtful and completely on point post <3

    • You’re so welcome, Sunra. I’m so sorry you endured such vicious behavior. Racism and discrimination are disgusting and you’d think people would realize that in 2021. Unfortunately there will always be ignorant people walking around. I’m so glad this helped to solve some of the mysteries surrounding the crazy label. ❤

      • Thank you, Cherie. Unfortunately that’s true but there are more and more woke people too, thank goodness. It’s so important to call things out. Great post <3

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