Phrases Gaslighters Use to Make You Question Your Reality

It’s funny how protecting yourself from bullies can be twisted into over-sensitivity, paranoia, vindictiveness, or vengefulness. But that’s exactly what bullies, or, in this case, gaslighters are good for.

When bullying progresses to a point when you feel like you have to wear a body camera to work or school to get evidence of what bullies are putting you through, that’s when you know without a doubt, you’re being gaslighted. So, it’s most important that you trust those feelings.

And sometimes, things may get so out of control that you may need to wear a body camera to work or school. And when you do, make sure you catch it raw and unfiltered. Also, be sure no one, not even your best friend knows you’re wearing it. That way, you risk less of a chance of retaliation, or your evidence being tampered with or destroyed.

But realize that once the evidence is out, whether it comes out in court, and your bullies realize they’ve been busted, they will then continue to gaslight you, especially to others. They’ll accuse you of being sneaky, shady, scandalous, paranoid, or crazy.

But to catch gaslighting early on, before you ever have to wear a body camera, here are a few common things gaslighters tell their targets:

  1. “You’re too sensitive.”
  2. “You’re make something out of nothing.”
  3. “I never said that.”
  4. “I don’t remember saying that.”
  5. “I’m not angry. If I was angry, you’d know it.”
  6. “It’s all your fault.”
  7. “You bring it all on yourself.”
  8. “Well, if you hadn’t done this, I wouldn’t have done that.”
  9. “You made me do it.”
  10. “You’re crazy.”
  11. “You’re mentally unstable.”
  12. “Nobody’s ever going to love you.”
  13. “You’re lucky I put up with you.”
  14. “This is why nobody likes you.”
  15. “You’re being petty.”
  16. “You’re making a mountain out of a molehill.”
  17. “You can’t take a joke!”
  18. “You’re insecure.”
  19. “You’re jealous.”
  20. “It’s all in your mind.”
  21. “It’s all a figment of your imagination.”
  22. “If you love me, you’ll do this.”

And the list goes on and on.

Realize that no matter how you do it, you absolutely must protect yourself against these psychos, and doing so requires that you know gaslighting when you hear it or see it. It also requires that you maintain your sense of self and if you did not do anything to provoke these bullies, stand strong and never let them twist the facts and accuse you otherwise.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

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      • Your first step is to know yourself. When you know that you’re not a bad person, that none of the abuse is your fault, and that you aren’t responsible for the other person’s vile behavior, you will better be able to counter their attacks and to stop having any more to do with the abuser. You will be able to walk away from them without guilt nor apology.

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  3. 💜 I AM Immune to “Gaslighting” because I Have too much Respect for MySelf to Let Others Get To Me; in fact I Reflect “Gaslighting” back and laugh at The “Bullies” Whimpering about what They Have Brought on THEMSELVES!!!



    • Awesome. I do that too nowadays. When you get my age, you just give a crap what bullies think of you and you’re no longer afraid to give it back to them! 😀

  4. Thank you, Cherie, for reminding us of this: it is hard to remember, in the moment, when a bully is gaslighting you that it is not in your head, and that it is not ok, either.
    Thank you for helping us remember and learn how to stay safe,

  5. can add three more to that list maybe? “you’re paranoid” “there’s trouble” (heard that one for 17 yrs from the main bully) and “I feel uncomfortable” (represented a threat of a reprimand after she was told if one more reprimand would be forced out” no question both were narcissists, one had psychopathic traits, the other likely, add her having a drug/ alcholol addiction problem amongst many more anomalies with abuse of power such as liking to hold things over her staff.. One nurse I heard was drove to suicide. due to her threats? or holding things over him? that was a rumor from the suicide hotline makes it more than a rumor right?

    • Omgoodness, this is terrible, Scott! My heart hurts for you and the rest of the targets you mentioned here. And the suicide hot line was wrong for putting that poor person’s business out there like that! Isn’t that illegal for them to do that?

  6. I have seen the movie Gaslight. Unforgettable performance by two of the greatest, Boyer and Bergman. Frankly, I realised only today that “gaslighting” is verb and what it has come to mean. Excellent post.

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