Toxic Conformity: Questions You Must Ask Yourself

The word Answer on a puzzle piece to symbolize the quest for understanding in answering questions and concerns

In today’s world, we are beginning to live under the thumb of toxic conformity. Certain people in power desire to control the masses by media lies and misinformation, censorship, ridiculous mandates, and other ridiculous laws, bills, and orders.

In fact, these powers that be don’t even try to hide their lies and sins anymore, which is a sign of real danger. Because if there’s no incentive to hide wrongdoing, and crimes against humanity, then it means that there’s impunity and the freedom to go on committing violations of basic human rights. Worse even, it’s a green light to escalate these abuses.

I believe that most people have forgotten how to think critically and have lost their voices for fear of not only censorship, but social shunning and cancel culture. Be that as it may, instead of taking the words of these, dare I say, tyrants and traitors, as the gospel, people need to start asking themselves these questions:

1. Who are these lies, bits of misinformation, censors, mandates, and laws really benefiting here? Me? Humanity as a whole? Or the people making all the rules?

2. What will our compliance gain us?

I believe that once we answer these questions for ourselves, we’ll know what we must do to preserve our human rights and liberties.

15 thoughts on “Toxic Conformity: Questions You Must Ask Yourself

  1. Completely agree, the powers that be aren’t even hiding their lies. They couldn’t care less about the truth. I hope more people speak up soon. Great post!

  2. Read Natal Shiransky’s “Fear No Evil,” and it shows how the former Soviet Union (Today: Russia) was, and is, experiencing what we’re beginning to understand. We aren’t experiencing anything that hasn’t been done before. The difficulty is our children, and the parents before, have and are growing up in a propaganda infused environment of news, media, Hollywood, Smart Phones, literature, and so much more. Then, the difficulty is wading through all the people that, due to the above, don’t think for themselves, with responsibility. But it’s nothing new. There’s a reason the bats got into the belfry, into our schools, into our universities, into publishing, into hospitals, into corporations, into the U.N. (And that’s the main purpose for the U.N.: control.), and everywhere else, and it’s like a virus, growing in many people. But again, it’s nothing new. People who think they’re discovering something profound is because they don’t know history. It’s just, today, it’s electronic media on steroids, but easier to see. As such, the possible positive is just as propaganda is out there, “real” and honest people can speak and share, opening up understanding. **If someone doesn’t read the above book, I wonder whether they’re serious about understanding, or just complaining.

      • We should share our readings. I will also be getting books from John Locke and Montesque. I’ve read much of the federalist papers, which was eye opening about the founding fathers and detractors of the constitution. Also rereading Socrates, in his last days, which explains, in real time, the way people are easily led by the worst influences, and good influences are a threat to them. All the best.

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