12 thoughts on “Bullies get Their Comeuppance

  1. My son dealt with being bullied and harassed. At one point even being transferred temporarily to another school where a student there wanted to start on him. Enough is enough. When the guy thumped him hard in the back of the ear, he spun around and kicked high, just missing the guy’s face. They never bothered him again. Every dollar I had put into his training was earned in that couple of moments.

      • It was amazing seeing the difference after that. He didn’t tell me, a teacher called and told me. She said after that he had gained everyone’s respect and even kids that had ignored him at first all wanted to be his friend. But not only were the kids different, he was as well. He had stood up for himself and realized he didn’t have to take that. Funny that even the teacher applauded his action and didn’t punish him for it.

    • It’s good entertainment though. And there have been a few people who took MMA and ended up doing what that girl did. It does happen, although not often. 🙂

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