Trapped in a Toxic Environment

Like an animal in a cage,

Poked, prodded,

Feeling others’ rage,


There’s no escape,

From the toxic hate,

Bystanders content to follow,

The bullies like sheeple,

Poison you must swallow,

From bullies and fake people,

No chance of flight

Doors slammed shut and locked,

You must prepare to fight,

Because all exits are blocked,

Nowhere to go,

Life tells you no,

Cornered like a frightened dog,

With other’s issues you’re bogged,

Between a rock and hard place,

You must stare them in the face,

There’s no escape,

From the hate,

In a toxic environment,

Where everyone is violent

8 thoughts on “Trapped in a Toxic Environment

  1. One sad thing, even when one manages to escape a toxic environment there is at least some desire to return as that is what they know. It isn’t a comfort zone obviously, but a known one.Easier to return there, than to move forward out of the fears and insecurities created by the bullies.

    • I’ve heard of that before and I think it’s a form of Stockholm Syndrome. However, it depends on the person and how long they’ve been in the bullying environment. I was bullied for six years and granted that was a long time, but once I left, I was glad to be out of there and never wanted to go back. But it may affect someone else differently and I have read about this happening to many targets. Thank you so much for bringing this up, Rebecca.

  2. Beautifully written. You need to first realise that you are part of a toxic environment and plan an escape as soon as possible. Everyone deserves a happy life.

    • I agree. It’s up to.the target to leave the environment even if the person has to do it quietly and just disappear. We are in charge of our own happiness.

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