Catty Women and Girls

Sadly, we have so many women who are jealous of other women. They seek to tear another woman down if she dares to be too pretty, too smart, too rich, too talented, too anything positive.

You’ll have a clique of queen bees and mean girls at school or work, and they’ll see another woman outside their little group who is happy with her life. She’s confident and strong. She knows who she is and what she wants. This woman may be successful at her job or have a huge bank account. She may be talented, smart, have a good family life, or gasp! All of the above.

Do you think that they’ll be happy for a fellow female who managed to defy the odds? Do you think they will want to learn from her or see her as a role model? Do you think they will look up to her?

No chance. They will only hate her and wish for her downfall. They will want to tear her to pieces. They will plot against her and try to sabotage whatever success she has. It’s both sad and pathetic!

Understand that the reason these women are so catty is because they’re highly insecure in themselves. They subconsciously see themselves as inferior to any woman who’s got her shit together. So, they’ll do everything they possibly can to pull her down to their level.

Also, if a catty woman has a husband with a roving eye, look out if you’re the woman he ogles because she won’t lay into her hubby with the wandering eyes. No. She will come after you! And with a vengeance!

Catty women are mostly the passive-aggressive types and if you’re in their line of fire, you’ll feel their eyes bore into you like a cowpoke. You’ll pick up the sickening vibrations these girls put off. You’ll feel the negative energy they exude grip you and try to squeeze the life out of you. And these females will almost seem demonic- as if they’re possessed with an evil spirit.

These shrews will try to get information from you. They’ll pump your friends, associates, even your family members for information about you.

They’ll warn everyone who will listen not to associate with you and try to damage your good relationships. They’ll sabotage your job prospects, invade your privacy and snoop through your office and sometimes even your belongings, to find anything they can use against you.

Some may even stalk you to find out where you live and who your family members are. Understand that these women see you as an adversary- someone they must compete with. Your success causes them to compare themselves to you and question their own achievements and overall value as women.

They hate you because they think you have it better than them. You can hear the venom in their voices and sense the poison in their minds. You see clearly the ignorance in their attitudes. You observe their huffy impatience and haughty demeanors.

If they ever sink their claws into you, they’ll never let go. You’re the enemy- the usurper of their perceived girl-code, and they have an evil laser focus on you.

These girls strut around the school, workplace, or community with funky dispositions and their noses turned up. They have their upper lips raised in contempt, eyes blazing under those fake eyelashes, and eyebrows narrowed. Overall, they have snooty and snotty attitudes.

And the woman I mentioned earlier? The one with the ogling husband? Should it be any wonder the guy has a roving eye?

You must realize that these women are miserable human beings, and they suck the oxygen out of every room they walk into. They are to be pitied and dismissed, not hated. Avoid them and have nothing to do with them, not only for your sanity, but your overall safety. And the further away you get from these hussies, the better.

13 thoughts on “Catty Women and Girls

  1. What a fantastic post! Spot on. And these women are indeed demonically influenced. They have let the evil spirits of envy take over them.

    They wouldn’t need to walk around causing trouble, with their lips curled up nearly over their head, nose in the air, hating on and slandering others, if they had confidence and loved themselves.

    You are absolutely correct. If a woman knows her worth, she won’t be like this. If a woman does not make an idol out of men, she won’t see other women as such a threat. Much of women’s cattiness revolves around the fact that they feel threatened that their idols
    (men) are going to find other women more attractive and prefer them. These types of insecure women are falsely validated by men’s attention.

    And yep, there is the assumption that other women have it better than them, so they want to disrupt and destroy what they perceive she has. Yes, absolutely stay far from them and pray for them.

    Thank you for a great post. ❤ ❤

    • You’re most welcome, Petrina! And I love your comment because it says it all! I love how you’re able to feel back the layers of these types of females. God bless you! ❤🤗

    • 😂🤣😂🤣 I’ve heard a lot of guys say that. It’s good to want to be yourself. With that said. I’m proud to be a woman- because it’s a part of who I am. 🙂❤

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