Chrissy Teigen Outed as a Bully (Among Other Despicable Things)

It has come out that Chrissy Teigen, former model and wife of singer John Legend, has had a pattern of bullying other females, particularly teenaged girls- minors!

One example is of her bullying of sixteen-year-old Courtney Stodden and attempts to convince her to commit suicide by implying she should take a “dirt nap”, as shown in the above tweets. Understand that Chrissy “mean girl” Teigen is an adult and worse- mother of two children. Is it any wonder that bullying is so widespread today?

What kind of example is she setting for not only hers, but our children and teenagers, who are so easily influenced by watching the behavior of celebrities. And what steps can we, as parents and grandparents take to counter such bad influences?

We can talk to our kids and teach them that, no matter who you are or your status in life, bullying is wrong and you will be held accountable.

We should also monitor what they see and hear and who they see and hear it from.

As of today, Chrissy Teigen products, such as the Cravings Kitchenware, is being pulled from the shelves of Target and Macy’s. And you can bet that more retailers and companies will likely follow suit in the coming days.

It serves her right as she’s not only a bully, and suicide instigator, but also a self-proclaimed pedophile. She’s so open about her vile pedophilia that she doesn’t even try to hide it. Which tells me that she fears no accountability- no fear of arrests, no fear of being cancelled, nothing. The proof is in the screenshot tweets below.

Bully Celebrities

This is not only infuriating but terrifying! This is only the beginning of the downfall of Hollywood as bullying and pedophilia are widely practiced there and by many of it’s celebrities.

As stated earlier, we should be very careful not only what our children watch and listen to, but who.

People need to realize that Chrissy Teigen is a sick, twisted woman and she needs to be outed and cancelled quickly before she hurts another child or causes them to commit suicide. The last thing we need are people like her influencing children and teens to take their own lives.

Yes, I’m against cancel culture but anyone who harms children are exceptions and rightfully so!

It’s dangerous to put someone like her in any position to influence our most precious humans- our young!

We must protect and save the children!

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  2. Nasty, nasty, icky person. Since she’s a hollyweird type icon and probably a leftist I predict she will go into some sort of “rehab.” If she were a conservative/right-winger they would have already burned her house down.

    • You said if, Herb! And people will only cover for her. Thank goodness she got too stupid and made those incriminating tweets. Now people know who and WHAT she really is.

  3. If one truly looks at the history of “Hollywood”, you will see it has always been a tool for and of the devil.
    These people are unbelievers, therefore the wickedness that dwells in their hearts, will always spew forth evil. What can we expect from them otherwise?
    When one is a true believer in the Lord, the Lord shall separate us from ALL things that are of this fallen world! For we are born from above, therefore we are truly the Citizen’s of the Lord’s heavenly kingdom.

    I’ve been guilty in the past of having many idols before me, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Meryl Streep, and countless other’s because my eyes and heart were still belonging to the “things and entertainment of the world”, but when we are truly the Lord’s, HE states He shall remove ALL idols that have been entwined within our hearts. In the past few years, I did enjoy and honor their talents, but now I see the truth, because the Lord revealed where my heart still longed for.
    He, my Lord, has started to change my love for these earthly and sinful enjoyments.

    We are now seeing what and who they truly are, and they care nothing for the Love of God, for honor, dignity, and all things that pertain to goodness, honor and the love for the truth.
    That is why the Lord is coming to judge the wickedness of this world, for HE is their Judge, and I tremble at the thought of what that Wrath will be.

    So let us ask the Lord to deal with all of our earthly, and natural desires, and only desire HIM, for He alone is too be our “Habitation”, our Ark, our Holy Tabernacle.
    The Lord bless you for stating the truth, “but let not your hearts be troubled”, and looking unto Jesus shall we saved and sanctified.
    In His Love……..

    • I love your comment! And you’re dead on in saying that Hollywood is a tool of the devil. And I’m so glad that they have finally been outed for the hidden evils there. I have a lot of movies I like to watch but I can’t say that I “idolized” any celebrity. I’ve always loved the music of Prince, he was one of my favorite musicians, yes. But I never considered him infallible, much less godlike. The problem with a lot of people is that they put these stars on pedestals they have no business being put on and it’s sad!

      Since it all came out, I haven’t looked at Hollywood or any celebrity the same and never will again. I will never walk into another movie theater unless the movie is produced by people, like Antonio Sabato, Kirk Cameron, or Mark Dennis, who are totally independent of Hollywood.

      Thank you do much for your comments! You made a lot of great and truthful points here.

      • Praise the Lord.
        However, do not get me wrong, I still watch movies, but I am careful. Some movies are very informative, when it reflects what is happening in the world. I also like smooth jazz, instrumental, however I only listen to Classical hymns, I never listen to any type of “so-called christian pop, or rock, did that, no longer, thank the Lord.
        I especially like comedy, (as clean as possible) and romantic films. During this lockdown, since I have no friends, near me, nor family(most have passed), never married, no children, thank the Lord for that, because He let me know to be single, so by His Grace I am single. And look what’s happening, children at this present time have no future, ahead.
        Lord bless you!

        • I hear you there. I like classics, 70s, 80s, 90s. Anything post 2000 is garbage. I love movies from the 80s and 90s. And TV reruns from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and the first half of the 90s. Again, anything post 2000 is crap. Lol I like anything from the days when Movies, TV, and music wasn’t just blatantly filthy. I’m a married mother and grandmother. And I don’t blame you for not having a family. These are terrible times and I worry for my babies and grand babies. Children at this present time, I also suspect, have no future ahead.

  4. Children may watch things on television, but they really watch the live drama in their houses.
    Parents may feel like the kids are not paying attention, but they really do.
    My daughter when young asked me, “why do I have hair under my arms and mommy doesn’t”. It was very funny and I told her, “mommy shaves”. Who knew she would even notice something like that…lol 🙂

    • Bahahaha! Kids pick up on things we wouldn’t pay attention, Dwain. Their little brains are like sponges. They take in everything around them. Even the hairy underarms! 😂🤣😂🤣

  5. Hope all of this is backed by facts. People get jealous of anyone who is famous. And the more popular we become, the more people hate us. None of us is exempt. If there is concrete evidence then the person will be held accountable under the law, of course.

    • I understand, Sue. I did plenty of research and always get receipts before I post anything like this. And it’s all over internet news sites- her bizarre pedo tweets, tweets of her bullying Courtney Stodden- everything. It’s sad that people who are supposed to set positive examples only use their influence for evil.

      • Well, no one should expect special treatment then. Morality is morality. No one should be a victim of abuse. Equality before the law. And abusers have to face the music.

  6. I love that you do your homework and l am trying to do the same. I do agree that we should all use our influence to be positive role-models. Famous people in any field must not bully and name-call.

  7. It’s sickening how people are attacking this obviously mentally disadvantaged former model!

    • But yet she gets a free pass when she attacks a sixteen-year-old and tells her to commit suicide. And yes, I admit, she’s “mentally disadvantaged”, she has to be to tweet such evil and talk so openly about her pedophilia. But mentally disadvantage doesn’t absolve one from right and wrong. Sorry.

      • Amen…..
        But one needs never to say sorry for telling the truth. The TRUTH always will offend, Jesus never apologized for speaking the truth. So neither should we, this is something I’ve been learning through the past year or so. We just speak it, and leave the rest up to the Lord to do the convicting…….
        Love in Our Lord!

        • Absolutely! The “sorry” in my comments was sarcasm. And people like Bill Richardson who make such moronic statements bring out the sarcastic smartalick in me. 😁 And bingo! The truth does offend because it hurts. And I was already prepared for some backlash and I actually thought I’d get more of it than what I have! 😂🤣 And the Lord will convict amd repay! God is not mocked! Never!

      • Absolutely she does! She’s using her being mentally disadvantaged as a cop out and trying to gain sympathy. It’s pathetic! Mental Disadvantage doesn’t excuse wrong doing! I don’t give a rat’s fat patoot who she is!

  8. Chrissy Teigen is a horrible person and a horrible role model for young people. She also epitomizes how low the Left has sunk and how completely deranged these people are.

    • You said that right, Dawn! She is a spawn of the Devil and is poison to the minds of the young! I’m so glad her products were taken off store shelves! She is a pedophile and pervert and she will pay dearly for her evil one day.

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