The Best Is Yet to Come! Please Hold On!

To those of you who are being bullied now. Although intense- even unbearable, your pain will only be temporary, and I do not say this lightly. I know what you must be thinking… “But she doesn’t understand! Nobody understands! She’s isn’t going through it, and she doesn’t understand the hell I go through every day at work or at school!”

I understand because once upon a time, I was stuck in the same spot that you are in today. I know what it is like to want to smile, laugh, sing, and dance and have it beaten out of you. I understand the pain of wanting to believe in yourself and see your own value, only to have others repeatedly and seemingly deliberately drum into your head that you are nothing.

To want to speak and have your voice heard, only to be silenced with the threat of either physical harm, further degradation and humiliation, suspension, the loss of your job and livelihood, or the threat of having opportunities for future employment ruined! I know all too well the feeling of wanting to move forward and go places, only to have bullies hold you back.

To want to escape the torment, only to be stuck in a toxic environment with toxic people, against your will! I know the horror of having your very existence cursed by others and to be bombarded with death threats.

To be forced to sacrifice your own needs and wants for the satisfaction of others! To see others getting gratification and entertainment- all at your expense. I know what it’s like to be marginalized, shut out, devalued as a person, even slapped, kicked, beaten, scorned, disregarded, walked on!

It is a feeling of being run over by a truck, whose driver then stops, throws it into reverse, and backs over you again. Then the driver shifts back into drive and mows over you- yet again. Then stops the truck, opens the door, sticks his head out, and asks, “Are you dead yet?”

And any signs of life- any whimper or movement only encourages the driver to close the door, shift into reverse again, and back over you again- just keep running and backing over you until you finally succumb to the trauma and die.

Yes. This is what being a target of bullying is like. Bullies want to destroy you, and it seems that they won’t relent until they are sure that they have done just that.

But know this. You will not have to deal with these people forever, and Karma does repay- in spades! If you keep believing in yourself, you will become successful and happy, and your bullies won’t even matter to you when you reach success.

You are beautiful! You are smart! You are awesome! And one day, you will cross paths with people who will see your worth and love you- unconditionally- just for being YOU! And you will find a teacher, school, supervisor, or employer who will see the good you bring to the table and view you as the asset you truly are!

Don’t give up. You are worth fighting for!

12 thoughts on “The Best Is Yet to Come! Please Hold On!

  1. Now I’m moving
    By faith and not by sight
    Towards victory
    By the power of Your might
    You’re straightening out my past
    And opening every door
    I am Your child
    And I’m worth fighting for…

    Worth Fighting For
    Song by Brian Courtney Wilson

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  3. As I was reading this, I remembered how I walked away from everything and didn’t look back, as I walked toward God, with God, Who led me out. At some point, I believe He actually carried me out. Away the toxic people, away from the holes I kept falling into.
    I realize not everyone can walk away.
    But, there is a hope we get from Jesus becoming our strength that changes our situation. As a child of God, He really does intervene on our behalf. Not often in the way we want or expect— sometimes He does through our forgiveness of our bullies.
    I haven’t been able to just walk away every time, but through God’s Word I have learned I don’t deserve to just stand there and take it.
    I can fight back.
    I can pray for the bullies.
    I can now, sincerely, be concerned for the condition of their souls.

    I can trust that vengeance belongs to God— so I can more easily forgive and sometimes, surprisingly, the bullying stops affecting me emotionally.
    Because I know I have a Protector that is bigger, stronger, more powerful than every bully combined throughout mankind’s existence.

    That is how we can walk away, when we are stuck.
    Trust God. Allow Jesus to be our Savior and our Lord. There is always strength and purpose in that. And bullies— they become subject to His vengeance.

    I love your blog. Thank you.

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