“Toxic Masculinity” is a BS Term

Bullying and gaslighting do not just happen to individuals in a school, workplace or community. It happens to entire nations and populations.

Lately, I’ve been hearing the term, “toxic masculinity” and truthfully, it is a term used to gaslight the masses into believing that all men who assume what is considered a strong, masculine role in society are bad people. This painted up, intellectual sounding term is also used to guilt men into toning down their masculinity or manliness.

It brainwashes many men into shirking their responsibilities. In short, the Radical Left uses the term to weaken the men of the free world ever-so-subtly. “Toxic Masculinity” is such a divisive and mendacious term designed to bait people into hating and resenting men who are awesome leaders in their churches, communities, and those who are father-figures.

Newborn baby booties in parents hands. Pregnant woman belly.

In no way, shape, or form am I suggesting that toxic men don’t exist because they do. Sure, there are men who are abusive to their partners and families. But to make out that all men are toxic is, in and of itself, sexist, unfair, and ignorant.

There are great men in the West and, believe me, these men look down on and despise the toxic men who are abusive to women and to their families. An abusive man is not a real man and there are abusive women as well.

Allow me to break it down and tell you what the goal behind the use of this “toxic” term really is:

To kill anything, you must cut off the head.

Men are ordained by God to be the head of the family and household. A good, responsible, hard-working man is the rock of the family. Not only does he keep order in the family, but he also provides for and protects them. This is how humanity has survived for thousands of years.

Take the man (the head) out of the family and you weaken the entire family! And to weaken an entire country or civilization, you start with weakening the family unit. It’s a process that happens so slowly and in such tiny bites that you won’t even know what’s happening until after it’s gotten so far out of control.

Everything starts with the family unit and ripples outward over time. Over decades, we have, ever-so-slowly and subtly, normalized divorce and single parenthood.

In that,

You normalize laziness in men.

You normalize parents giving their sons everything and take away their incentive to work for a living.

You encourage men to became more feminized.

You mass-incarcerate men (especially black men) for the most trivial of offenses to take them away from, and ultimately weaken their families!

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Understand that I’m not judging anyone who is divorced or is single and raising a family. My mother was divorced and a single parent as was I for a few years. For one parent to do a job for two parents is hard as hell and I salute all the single parents out there.

The point I’m making is this: Many of us are now recognizing a system which is out to destroy us. What has slowly unfolded over several decades only weakens the male population of The West and that’s what the Left and countries like China (yep! I said it!) want in order to destroy Western Civilization- freedom.

As I mentioned earlier, the best way to destroy a civilization is through the family unit and the best way to destroy the family unit is to take out the head of the family or simply, the father and any future fathers, by weakening them.

If this isn’t a form of bullying, I don’t know what is. To weaken someone or a group of people is to reduce or take away their personal power- to create an imbalance of power for the purpose of wussifying a population so that the corruptors- the biggest bullies of the world- can take control, dominate, and bully at will.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

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  2. There is A Culture of
    Toxic Masculinity
    Still in The South

    Where At Least

    When i Grew up
    Boys Were Threatened
    If They Dared Smile or
    Cry And Indeed We Still
    Hear Father’s In Our


    Do It To Their
    Sons When The

    Reality is Males Who
    Freely Express Feelings
    Developing Empathy

    For All Are The
    Real Heroes

    In This World

    Not The Bully
    Of All That Is
    Associated With
    The Toxic Masculinity
    Of The Trump Meme

    Life Where

    Men Become
    Spineless Worms

    Nothing Naked Without
    External Power And Goods

    Very Rarely

    Do i Meet
    Real Men
    Where i Live
    Who Were Brought
    Up More Like The

    Good Version

    Of Jesus Than
    What Transformed
    Sadly Into All Things
    Trump in The Churches

    i Visit Real Love
    In Human And Or
    God Never Requires
    Worship Or Fears

    Criticism Forgives
    Always As Love

    Is The Most

    Manly, Womanly,
    Humanly Godly Force

    Of All Every


    It And
    Gives It
    And Calls Out

    Whatever Doesn’t

    Live As Love With No Fear🐾

  3. This Deserves A Story You
    May Choose to Delete it
    Too It’s A True Story

    Let’s Call It Kiss

    Your Baby

    Good Bye

    That’s What The
    Surgeon Told me
    Before my Only Son

    Ryan A Name in Old
    Irish That Means Little

    King Went into Surgery

    Around Father’s Day of
    1997 For Open Heart
    (He Survived Yet Died
    With Only Pain in 51 Days

    Of His Only Life Then)
    Surgery my Father Was
    In The Waiting Room The

    Only Comfort He Had

    For me is

    Raise Him Like A Boy
    For You See My Father
    Was A Real Tough Guy in
    The Military And Law Enforcement

    For 46 Years Always Made Jokes
    About Black Folks And Homosexuals If You

    Don’t Vote


    You Must Be Queer
    Yet He Didn’t Live
    Long Enough to
    Get into Modern Q-Anon
    Life You See When i Was

    3 Big Tough Guy Wanted
    To Get Rich Mama Wanted
    To Stay Home Raising

    Her Children

    Gardening Them

    To Be Love So My Father

    Left and Found Himself

    A Woman To Make Him

    Some Money To Fulfill

    His God Of Money

    His American

    Dream He Was So
    Damn Afraid of How
    Easily I Smiled As That Was




    For Boys
    To Do In
    Deep South
    States oF iGnorance
    In Toxic Patriarchy Then

    He Got Really Upset
    When i Didn’t Go To

    College And Earn The Other Three
    Degrees That Might Eventually

    Return Money to Him
    Always Promising To
    Help Pay For Our



    Yet He Cut off
    All Child Support At 18…

    Soon As Legally Possible

    100 Dollars A Month Breaking

    His Highway To Riches

    Finally i Got
    Sick And Had
    To Retire Early
    Terrified He Might
    Have to Help me
    At Age 47 i Broke Some
    Surprising News To Him

    Poor SMiling
    Son Saved 6 Times
    More Money Than He

    Did in A Lifetime of Failing
    To Achieve His Dream Then of
    Riches Spending 500 Dollars
    Each Week on The Lottery

    Through 12 Years Of His


    Love is The


    Virtuous Quality

    Of All And Toxic

    Patriarchy Dies

    Its Last Day With

    Absolutely Nothing

    Of Real Value In




    It is to

    Pay The Consequences

    Of Real Hell in Earth Blind to The Reality Now For Real So Glad He Left


    3 Or
    i Could

    Be Just Like
    Him How Heroes
    Are Made Villains Leave….

    Oh By The Way When He
    Asked How i Did it i Was Nice
    Enough To Not Answer Kept The
    Same Wife, Home, And



    Love He Traded

    His in Regularly To

    Fill The Empty Space

    Within of Love With No Give…

  4. Thank you Cherie for taking the time to write such a thoughtful article. I am so grateful that you notice the goodness & Godliness in men. Yes, we men have a long way to go & women have & can teach us volumes about love, kindness, compassion, connection, & empathy. Men who engage in hurtful actions & cause the imbalance of power that you have so aptly described through dominance are acting out what they have learned & are communicating about their internal hurts/wounds. Sadly, shame, emotional pain, blame, & fame insulate men from the reality of their own wounds & the harm they cause. I know. I am an abuse survivor & hurt a lot of people along the way before divine intervention gave me the courage to take the longest & most challenging journey of my life-looking in the mirror, making amends everywhere possible, & forgiving myself. We (men & women with high EIQ) must not accept or tolerate this destructive behavior. It’s easy to say but hard to hear & put into action the compassion of Christ which holds that all men (& women) are good. Hurt & hate that gets perpetuated is man made, not the way God has intended for us to treat each other. We must do everything in our power to influence & right all harm & redirect those who commit misguided actions through the power of love, acceptance, courageous feedback, & affirmation.

    • Thank you, Frank, for such a lovely comment! I agree with everything you point out here. Especially the point about Hurt and Hate being man-made and not the way God intendedfor us to treat one another. Very truthfully written. Sending you lots of love and light! ❤🙏

  5. Demonizing boys because they are boys, and men for their maleness helps nothing at all. Being strong, but not using it for harm, but to defend, being capable, but not walking over others, being responsible but not overbearing, these are all great masculine traits. I always think of toxic masculinity as something different – macho boneheadedness which discourages men from seeking help when they are sick, or expressing their feelings leading to mental health problems, or treating women badly. Thoughtful as ever, Cherie.

      • I do not date men any longer, in fact I don’t have any intentions to ever have a relationship again, but am doing my best to raise a good masculine young man, who is strong and decent. He needs to be able to defend his loved ones, to take responsibility and be concerned about earning a living not painting his damn nails like so many young men are being tricked into. I am shockingly unsympathetic to weak men. The weaker they are, the crueller they are. To raise a spoilt weak male is to raise a frustrated and potentially dangerous guy….I try…My gosh Cherie…I am going to end up campaigning for the Republicans at this rate. Hope you are well?

        • I hope you’re well too, girl. And I agree, I don’t like weak guys either. And I’m so thankful for my husband. He’s affectionate, loving yet a strong man. He works hard, provides for and protects me. He doesn’t try to prove anything to anyone, he’s secure in his manhood so he doesn’t have to mistreat anyone. But he will defend himself and his loved ones if He has to.. And I couldn’t be prouder of him.

          I’m so proud of you for the way you’re raising your son. And no doubt he makes you proud. Sending you and your son live and good vibes!

    • You’re absolutely right. Men can have those qualities and still be masculine. My husband, my brother, and uncles are living proof! My dad was also masculine, yet empathetic and caring when he was alive. Thank you, Dwain, for your awesome comment! 🙂

    • I agree with this 100 percent. Emotionless, always have to be tough men I think are a problem. Not all are strong, mechanical, etc. I think there are some stereotypes that lead to toxic masculinity. How about just being a decent person and being an example.

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  9. Good article though I disagree (and I am an independent) that it is the radical left. I would say it is more the radical right who far too often act like women have no rights on anything. The radical right use a lot of bullying tactics.

    As far as Toxic males, the problem is people don’t understand what leadership is. It is leading by example. I don’t necessarily agree about physical protector because that is assuming all men are physically strong when some are not. We like to believe fathers, husband’s, can whoop everyone when maybe they can’t.

    What we need is men being Spiritual leaders in their home, good fathers, willing to work (though both need to be working these days), and someone who is a good listener. We also need men who will designate responsibilities based on the strengths of the family. For instance if the woman is better with money, she should be in charge of that, if he is he should etc.

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