Attaining Happiness

Happiness isn’t a one-size fits all. I believe the reason why people have such a hard time reaching happiness is because they’re under the assumption that happiness is about having truckloads of money, having the perfect body, living in a big mansion, and being popular. Granted, those things are nice, but it won’t win you happiness.

The truth is that happiness is different things to different people. Some people find happiness in going fishing, hunting, boating, camping- enjoying the outdoors. Others find happiness in arts, crafts, and woodwork.

One person may be like me, find their happiness in their family, writing books, blogging, music, and sitting in their backyard swing with their pets but another person may find happiness in shopping, going to concerts and visiting museums. Some may even find happiness at work.

Happiness boils down to finding things you enjoy doing and doing it, and, if you feel you don’t have time to do one of your hobbies, try to make time for it. It’s also about enjoying relationships with the ones you love and enjoying nature.

It’s the simple things in life that make you happy and it’s free to anyone who wants it. Realize that it’s often the little things that mean so much.

29 thoughts on “Attaining Happiness

  1. This is such a simple and important message. There is truly no size-fits-all for happiness and everyone should find their own vocation. Children sometimes get mixed messages as they grow. It’s important to do work in a field that fulfills our emotional needs.

  2. We all create our own happiness, and believe the most important thing it’s our own attitude.
    Great post. πŸ™‚

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  4. It is the simple things that make us happy. Happiness is also a lot about consciousness and mindfulness of it isn’t it. I’ve realized that sometimes the busy days take over these simple moments where we dont give an opportunity to reflect about the things that can make us smile

  5. Very true and well said. But I think you must start speaking about joy rather than happiness. Happiness is dependent on external things. That means it is pleasure that we are talking about. We should not look for reasons to be happy. Of late I came across a book called β€˜Happy for No Reason’. And that is not mere happiness. When you are happy for no reason, you are joyful, may be even blissful. Wish you are able to unearth it from yourself.

    • You have a point. In another post I write that happiness (or joy) is an inside job- it can only come from within. You can never depend on external sources because you cannot control other people and what happens externally- your environment a d what goes on around you. And you shouldn’t want to. Thank you so much for your comment. πŸ™‚

  6. Very true- happiness is an individual outlook….This post is a great reminder not to compare your life (or happiness) to other’s. Great post!

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    • What a beautiful post, Liz! Your story sounds so much like mine. Thank you so much for your insights and for mentioning this blog. Wishing you more happiness, success and prosperity. ❀🌻

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