9 thoughts on “Meddlers and Busy-Bodies

  1. Very true, this reminds me of back in the 1980s when Jesus Freaks used to show up at concerts and preach to us about how we were all going to hell for seeing the concert.

    • I remember that. However, I don’t think they were true Christians. Rock and Roll haters, maybe, but not Christians. I’m a Christian and I still listen to rock music. It doesn’t cause me to sin so what’s the big deal? I always ask fanatics like those. LOL

      • I don’t think he meant to call anyone names here. But people do have a bad habit of sticking their noses where they don’t belong- Christians or non-Christians. And he only used the term to make a point.

        • Sorry to you for belaboring the point, but it’s not gentlemanly behavior. Whether he meant it or not it’s dehumanizing rhetoric designed to inflict harm. He can cry a river all he wants about good intentions.

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