Rattling Your Bullies May Be The Only Way to Expose Them

Sometimes, to expose your bullies, you must rattle them. If you’re not sure how to do it, think Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam!

Getting a bully rattled is as easy as smiling. Say nothing to them; only look at them and smile like you know something they don’t. I promise you. It’ll drive them nuts!

They’ll ask you what the hell you’re smiling at. Don’t get defensive. Don’t say anything. Just walk away, snickering.

Your bullies will be madly bewildered. They’ll look at each other, wondering why you seem so smug, then wonder what it is you’re up to, and curiosity will get the best of them. You’ll throw them off! Trust me. Bullies always think their victims are up to something when they see them act this way, and they go on the hunt to find answers like hounds sniffing a trail.

Even better, your bullies will most likely think you’re making fun of them and get super angry — all the better for you.

Here’s why:

• When someone is really pissed off, they lose the ability to think straight and control their emotions.

• When you stir someone up, you throw them off balance. When this happens, they usually screw up and do something stupid.

If they challenge you to a fight, don’t fight unless it’s necessary. You want to get the bully in front of a crowd of people and get them so mad they start yelling and throwing a hissy fit in front of everyone. Your goal is to get them to expose themselves in front of bystanders and those in authority!


Sadly, this is the only way you can expose a bully. But before you employ this tactic, be sure that the bully isn’t one who carries a deadly weapon or isn’t criminally violent or insane.

15 thoughts on “Rattling Your Bullies May Be The Only Way to Expose Them

  1. Here is a true life story for you. A life time ago, when my now late husband and I met where I had recently been hired, he had broken up with another lady who worked there. Everything seemed to be going okay even as I dealt with stares and comments behind hands. He decided he wanted to have a cook out and invite all these people. No problem. Everyone accepted, no one showed. The following work day everyone had excuses. One even saying they fell off a roof and broke their leg though they were standing in front of me. I smiled and said I was sorry they couldn’t come as they missed a wonderful time. I even told of all the food we had. I told every single one that. I never said it, but I let them all believe that the others had showed up. They spent days looking at each other suspiciously.

  2. Bullies are so often control freaks that it can be easy to rattle them, I find. Usually just by having a great time with other friends outside of the group they inhabit (that you’re sometimes part of because you work with them). It’s amazing how nosey bullies become when they don’t always know your business. It’s fun just being mysterious then! 🙂

    • You said it, Sunra! Bullies don’t really have a life so they poke their noses into yours. It’s hilarious when they do. It goes to show that you consume their minds without even trying to. So, who really has the power? 😂🤣😂🤣

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