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“Ignore the people who always talk behind your back. That’s where they belong…behind you.

~ Unknown ~

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      • You’re so welcome..also to add about the email you sent me pertaining to business and partnership. Well to be honest I’ve read 70% of your post’s and the comments that were given back to you from the people you inspired or made a good difference in their lives..I’m inspired also and what ever business you have in mind I’m all in..I’m listening..

        • Thank you so much, Lazarus. I’ve have a few ideas in mind but I’m in the planning stage of them at the moment. Starting in January, I’m planning for this blog to go Self-hosted and to scale back on blogging to work on my eBooks. I have a lot to work to do to get my goals up and running. Thank you so much for your readership and your patience.

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