10 Secrets Bullies Hope You Never Find Out


1. Being a bully is WORK! They work hard to keep up appearances and to maintain their fake facades. Bullies, especially popular ones, have an image to keep up, and they monitor themselves nonstop, twenty-four-seven. They must keep up with and remember all the lies they tell to keep their stories straight. And they often spend beyond their means to look like they have lots of money. Is it any wonder that many bullies get charged with crimes like embezzlement, fraud, and theft? Most have to steal to keep up!

2. Bullies are not happy people. They can’t be. Why do you think they bully others? They do it to feel better about themselves, to distract from their shortcomings and insecurities, and project them onto someone else. Bullies also bully to make themselves look superior, better, smarter, and more powerful. They may bully for attention because they aren’t getting it at home. It takes a miserable person to be a bully.

narcissist bully arrogant

3. They’re weak. Bullies bully because they’re feeble-minded people. They’re loud, obnoxious, and pushy because they don’t have the brains nor social intelligence to get what they want any other way.

4. Bullies are insecure. When a bully sees someone who outshines them somehow, they fear that the person will take the attention and admiration away from them. Bullies share attention and recognition with no one. They must be adored at all times by everyone. They feel they have to be at the center of everything and that the world should revolve around them.

narcissist bully ego

5. Bullies are jealous of their victims. Bullies can’t handle anyone else’s success. If you have more wins then them, are better looking then them or are more talented than them, they’ll make it their mission to make you suffer for it.

6. Bullies are trying to be cool. Again, they strain themselves to keep up appearances. And bullies know that most people are under the mistaken impression that cruelty is “cool” as long as they aren’t on the receiving end of it. Many bullies bully to look cute to any witnesses.

7. They seek attention. If a bully doesn’t get attention, they feel inadequate. So they bully in front of an audience to get the attention they feel they never get.

8. They’re cowards. They’re afraid of looking weak and being bullied themselves.

9. They’re fakes, frauds, and imposters. They must don masks to hide their true selves. Understand that they do this out of the fear of their true personalities being exposed.

10. They’re compensating. Bullies bully to compensate for weakness. If they can look strong by making someone else look weak they make up for the weaknesses they feel they have. Bullies will also run with rich people or the popular crowd because it helps them to forget about the fact that they’re nothing and, in a way, makes up for anything they feel they don’t have.

bullied victim desperate people pleaser

Male bullies who feel they aren’t man enough will often drive around in hot cars and flaunt money to make up for the fact that most decent girls find them disgusting. Female bullies will often use fashion, makeup, and the latest hairstyles to compensate for the fact that few people like them. Or they may have a bunch of friends and use that to make up for the fact that they can’t get a date. Who wants to date someone with a haughty attitude?

Bullies have secrets they don’t want exposed and they’ll move Heaven and Earth to keep those secrets from coming out.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

14 thoughts on “10 Secrets Bullies Hope You Never Find Out

  1. You never fail to make great description of this topic

    Indeed it’s true that bullies are those people who crave attention that’s why they show reckless behaviour 😅

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  3. This is one of the reasons I finally realized that no matter what a school policy is, etc. you have to learn to stand up to bullies. They are cowards at heart. Either they will back down or a lot of times they get exploited

    • I couldn’t agree more. Schools can put all the policies they want in place. But it doesn’t mean they will enforce those policies. And it doesn’t mean that people that people will follow those policies, that’s why we must teach bullied kids and adults confidence and ways to bully-proof themselves.

  4. If ever there were truer words: Bullies have secrets they don’t want exposed and they’ll move Heaven and Earth to keep those secrets from coming out. 👏🏼

    But girl, once those secrets start seeping out through the cracks of their closets, OMG 😲, talk about a crash landing! 👇🏼💣👎🏼 Tick, tick, boom!

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