33 thoughts on “A Pinch of Humor

  1. The ‘pint’ of the exercise is that you recently liked my recent post.
    But I keep mucking about with it.
    I am asking you to revisit it because I have turned it into a rant.
    This makes me sad.

  2. I am getting comment gun shy… at any moment, my comment will disappear .probably a good thing. I was talking or trying to talk about my recent post… which has turned into a rant

  3. I feel like it is 1940 and I am trying to send you a telegram:
    ‘Dear Cherie’
    “I wish you to”
    “re-read something”
    “Something important”

    Catch my drift?

  4. Good one, sadly I find bullies have no sense of humour, and they gaslight by saying their insults were “just joking.” Yeah…no.

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