Former Target Confronts Bully on The School Board

Is it really any surprise that schools don’t hold bullies accountable? When there are bullies on the school board, they won’t discipline bullies in school either. Thankfully, this creep was forced to resign sometime later!

17 thoughts on “Former Target Confronts Bully on The School Board

  1. I did some clicking around, curious what happened next… apparently Dr. Hindt resigned, but he never admitted to shoving Mr. Gay into the urinal. Dr. Hindt said that he needed to spend time with his family while defending the smear campaign against him. And his contract was redone with a $750k severance package. That’s just as infuriating as Mr. Gay’s allegations…

  2. What a freaking jerk! And the bastard still had the nerve to laugh! Resignation was too easy for this SOB and all the others like him, in of all positions, the superintendent? SMDH! 😑😠🀬

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