5 thoughts on “Anti-Bullying Ad: No One Deserves to Feel Worthless

  1. These conditions already existed in my school days in 1958. Anyone who was dressed differently had nothing to laugh about. There was a boy who even collected tolls, otherwise there was a beating. I last met him in 1995 at a class reunion. He had made it professionally to insurance manager and earned a lot of money. He had learned to assert himself in the face of others.
    Children have to learn to assert themselves.
    Best regards, Gisela

    • Thank you, Gisela. And you’re right, those conditions have existed for decades and children need to be taught to assert themselves. Unfortunately, many are taught the opposite.

  2. You know Cherie, what is so disturbing about this is that nobody came to her defense while this bullying was going on. They just casually passed by her as if she were just checking her locker and as if nothing was wrong! Disgusting! 🤬

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