Toxic Conformity and It’s Relation to Bullying

Conformity can be good because we conform to sensible laws and rules in order to ensure a safe and well-run society. Conformity holds us together. However, toxic conformity isn’t good and can be dangerous.

Toxic conformity brings unawareness, silence to wrongdoings and injustices, and promotes abuse of power and totalitarian authoritarianism.

In toxic conformity, you’re demanded to agree with everything the bullies say and do. Right or wrong, you’re demanded to keep your mouth shut if you disagree and not to give off any nonverbal language of opposition. In other words, you’d better just go along if you expect to get along.

Because, if you don’t, you’re subject to ostracism, rejection, smear campaigns, even physical violence. And in extreme cases, mobs are sent to your door and you may endure physical torture and murder.

Total conformity, absolute loyalty, or- toxic conformity is required in schools and workplaces with a culture of bullying and in totalitarian authoritarian communities and societies. In these types of environments, there’s no margin for error.

You can’t deviate even the slightest bit without being punished in some way, shape, or form- even if the deviation was an honest mistake. In other words, you’re not allowed to be human. For instance, in schools and workplaces where toxic conformity is practiced, creativity isn’t allowed. In communities and societies of this nature, free thought and expression are prohibited.

Understand that bullies are threatened by someone who doesn’t conform to their rules and standards. And they will make that person pay dearly for daring to be different and having the audacity not to stay in lockstep with their morals (or lack thereof), rules, and standards.

As I mentioned, if you dare to be different- to show creativity and talents, to have your own thoughts, opinions, and ideas, you risk being ignored, disdained, or made an object of severe brutality.

If you’re a target of bullying, it’s imperative that you find a way out of that environment because it’s detrimental to your health and peace of mind. I realize that it won’t be easy. Nothing worthwhile is easy.

 Change, especially positive change, is never easy.

However, if persecuted people have uprooted and left their home countries for the US in order to attain freedom and to have a better life, how much easier would it be to leave a toxic school or workplace? Find an environment where you’re free to be yourself, express different ideas, create, grow, and flourish. Only then will you truly be free!

9 thoughts on “Toxic Conformity and It’s Relation to Bullying

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  2. Cherie, there is one type of conformity that you haven’t mentioned, peer pressure. It is terrible when you are in school. Everyone has to have the latest style of jeans, sneakers and even the hairstyle. I always felt like an ugly duckling.
    Now today, I could care less about peer pressure. I dress for me, I keep my hair the way I feel is good on me.
    Not sure peer pressure is toxic, but, to those who are going through it, it is hell all the way.

    • Good point, Dwain. Confirming to peer pressure is toxic conformity because it keeps yoynfor being an individual and takes your autonomy. I’ll definitely bring that up in a future post.

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