Enemies Foreign and Domestic

May our unity and love for one another confuse them, for when they are confused, they can’t strategize.

May our prosperity astonish them, for when they’re astonished, they’re also stunned and easy to trick.

May our willingness to fight and speak out enrage them, for when they are enraged, they can’t think clearly.

May our pride and happiness confound them, for when they are confounded, they’re easily overtaken.

May our love for Christ intimidate them, for when they are intimidated, they will flee.

May they be eaten alive by their own hate.

May they rot in their own proverbial urine and feces.

May they gag, choke, and puke of their own vile stench.

May they poison themselves with their own poison.

May they be hoisted by their own petards.

In trying to destroy us, may they unwittingly destroy themselves.

24 thoughts on “Enemies Foreign and Domestic

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  2. OMG Cherie, this is beautifully delivered and is so on point. 🎯 To absorb your words through the essence of unity verses the downside of division, your message aligns with my emotions and advocacy. If only more people who really need to hear, not just read, but hear and listen to the words you are delivering, such a message that you’ve spoken would not need to be stated so directly and eloquently. Bless you for breaking down this message so poetically! 🙏🏽🥰💐 May our takeaways from your words empower us! 💪🏽🎆🤗 Thank you!

    • You’re so welcome, Kym! And thank you so much for your lovely comment here! This means a lot, sweetie! 😊💖💐🌹These days, we all need some empowerment, girl! 💪💪💪Times are pretty uncertain right now.🤔

      • Cherie, I couldn’t agree with you more. Thus, our mission is to empower as much as we can, when we can. I am so over the division I have seen growing in our country, on so many levels, not just politically. 😠 It’s ripping us apart, and people are none the wiser of the enemy growing from within. Thank you again for your wise message girlfriend!!! 🙏🏽🤗👏🏼

    • There is nothing mentioned about physical weapons. And kindness is a weapon against evil. There is nothing about this post that promotes hate. It promotes love and letting the hatred of our enemies roll off our backs. It also promotes letting the enemies destroy themselves with their own hate.

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