When You Believe It, You Will See It

I’ve always heard people make the statement, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

The problem is that our attitudes shape our perspectives and perspectives shape what we see. Put another way, our perspectives can blind us to a lot of stuff, even to what’s right in front of our faces. Because, if you have the mindset that you’ll believe it when you see it, the chances are that you never will see it.

This is the reason many targets are bullied. It’s the reason why innocent people are convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. It’s also the reason why many bullies and criminals are promoted to high positions. Because of others’ attitudes!

We often base our judgments of others on our attitudes towards them, by what we’ve heard about them, or whether we like them. Many times, we judge others too harshly because we can’t see past our dislike or hatred of them.

We also do this with our own lives as well. If we’ve had a string of adversity throughout our lives, we usually come to expect more of the same. And sadly, we end up getting just that!

We come to see ourselves as unlucky, undesirable, unlovable, and incapable of success. As a result of our thinking, we get more and more adversity because our attitudes and perspectives about our lives will blind us to opportunities- opportunities that are, more than likely, right in front of us- opportunities that others may see and seize. Then, we’ve missed out once again and thus, the cycle begins, yet again.

Case in point, our attitudes and perspectives have ways of shaping and influencing our lives, the things that happen in our lives, and where our lives take us. They attract people and events.

This is why we must do the inner work to change our thought patterns. We must check our attitudes and work to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. The only way you will have a positive life is to have a positive attitude, then a positive perspective, which can only develop by having positive thoughts.

I know it’s hard to do when it seems that adversity is coming at you from every possible direction. Believe me, I understand because I’ve been there.

It won’t be easy, and it won’t happen overnight. But I promise you this. If you start now by catching each negative thought and replacing it with a thought that’s positive, you’ll be surprised at how much better your life will get!

“What if it doesn’t work out?” Oooooh! But “What if it does?”

It worked for me and it’ll work for you too!

19 thoughts on “When You Believe It, You Will See It

  1. Yes!!! I’m constantly trying to line up my perspective with “wanted” things. My mind is consistently trying to go down some dark trail where nothing is possible. My internal spirit KNOWS anything is possible – so I have to retrain the brain most days!
    Perspective is everything ❤️thank you for sharing your post.
    Believe what you wish to be true and it can manifest 🎁

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  3. Yes!!!! Taking control of our thoughts and beliefs if the most important thing we can do. It takes work but is absolutely necessary. If we are not controlling our thoughts in our best interests, somebody or something else is influencing them in their best interests for sure.
    This was awesome. Hope it is seem far and wide!

    • Thank you so much! I so appreciate your thoughts on this. And I agree, controlling our thoughts is the most important thing we can do. 💯 It’s also the hardest to do but it’s so crucial that we control them- catch every negative thought and turn it into a positive one.

  4. Oh Cherie, how I agree that we must do the inner work to change our thought patterns. No one can do that for us. And yes ma’am, we must check our attitudes and thoughts to turn the negative into the positive. We just don’t realize how much we can work against ourselves if we don’t. Another great piece of advice girlfriend! 👌🏼

    That reminds me of a quote I saw that said, “What if I fail? Oh, but darling, what if I fly?” 🦅🦜🕊 We can’t clip our own wings! 😉

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