7 Ways to Expose Your Bullies and Protect Yourself From Future Attacks

Here’s a list of several things you can do to rip the mask off and keep yourself safe.

1. Know your enemy. How you do this is to stand back and always OBSERVE the people around you, but without looking like you are watching them. Pay close attention to body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. I can’t stress enough the importance of this. This is how you find out who the trouble makers are.

If you see another student or coworker gossip and make trouble for others, you can be sure that in time, they will do the same to you. This is how I now know who to avoid at all costs. However, be advised that avoidance will not work if you have a determined bully after you. If a person wants to get to you badly enough, they will seek you out until they find you.

2. Document everything! As it has been said, “if it isn’t documented, it never happened”. Keep a journal and write down everything. I did this in junior high and high school just in case one of my bullies either hurt me bad enough to hospitalize me or worse…killed me.

You must write down the names of your bullies, the names of any bystanders or authority (teachers, principal, or any member of authority) present at the time the altercation took place, the date, time, place it happened, what happened and if possible, why it happened. Also, record what is said and by whom. Document every… single… detail!!

3. Do not reveal any information about yourself that you would not want to be told to anyone. Including your friends! If you do, you’re asking for trouble because if you are the target of a bully, you can be sure that your bullies will, at some point, either try to pry information about you out of your friends or they will turn your friends against you altogether.

4. Keep a low profile. Don’t do anything that may draw attention to yourself. And stay away from places the bullies may gather. Think, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Just don’t make it obvious to your bullies that you are ducking and dodging them. I avoided several confrontations by simply laying low.

5. Save any threatening texts, emails, and/or voice mails for evidence. And if possible, set your cellphone to record during any altercation brought on by a bully, provided it is hidden in your pocket. You certainly do not want the bully to know what you are doing. keep your composure and be sure not to tarnish the recording by yelling or using foul language.

Schools are now becoming more aware of the issue of bullying. If you happen not to have a cellphone, keep a digital recorder handy (if possible) and be ready to record as soon as the torment starts.

6. NEVER brag about any evidence you have against a bully. Not even to your best friend…PERIOD! Again, bullies have a knack for prying information out of people, even your friends. They can also turn your friends against you, making them more than happy to volunteer the information. Don’t do it! Anytime you are a target of bullies, you are in no position to trust anyone!

7. Call the bully out in front of an audience. This is risky and could bring retaliation. However, the bully will also know that you are on to him/her and you just might intimidate them enough that they will leave you alone. It happened for me on a few occasions.

But keep in mind that this doesn’t happen for everyone. Calling the bully out in front of people can also humiliate the bully and make that person more determined to get you. So access the bully’s personality and the situation carefully before you decide to do this.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

15 thoughts on “7 Ways to Expose Your Bullies and Protect Yourself From Future Attacks

  1. Great article and tips. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of clips on YouTube of how smart comedians deal with hecklers. Essentially hecklers are bullies. I just love how some of the comedians end up turning it around and throwing it back in the heckler’s face. I wish I could go back in time and deal with some of my bullies this way!

  2. For ME… (not giving advice, just sharing what I do). writing articles about bullying is one of the best ways to show a bully – you are done being silent. I don’t mention the bully’s name, but writing about the manipulating and controlling personsonality or actions of the bully is enough to keep them at bay. Peace..and Merry

    • You just made an awesome point here, Perry! I can attest to everything you said here. Because my writing about bullies, bullying, and the bully personality has definitely kept my bullies at bay! I can say that they don’t mess with me anymore and they stay way away! Thank you for your truthful comment!

  3. I was on a bus with my wife as a stranger to LA, and a woman took great interest in me after watching my efforts to figure out where we would get off. She told us to get off at “x” stop, b ut consulting using the map, I determined that was not a good idea, and I politely told her, “Thanks.” When we did not get off, she increased the urgency and feigned outrage that I declined to take her advice. I heard her whispering to the bus driver that I was harassing her (I most definitely wasn’t, except that I looked her in the eye and politely said that horrible word, “No”).

    The entire bus got quiet with tension as she started talking about notifying the police (my wife was in shock). It was a horrible moment. This woman was a bully, and psychotic enough to talk about lying to the police to get back at me for doing my own navigating. I knew I had to do something, and I was not about to approach her or give anyone any reason to assume anything physical was going to happen.

    The bully was in the front seat and trying to ply the driver into supporting her. My wife and I were 1/3 of the way back across from her. I turned to face the rest of the bus in the back and gave a loud announcement. “Attention everyone. I’m here with my wife trying to figure out where we are going to get off. This woman up here in the front has decided she wanted to tell us where to get off, and when I didn’t she has started talking about getting the police. All because I declined to take her advice, which doesn’t match our map.”

    Wow. The bus went even more quiet, and the lady turned around to avoid me and the rest of the bus, in shame. Whatever ugliness she had planned had been foiled. My wife and I hugged after we unboarded the bus and it took off, shaking with relief and coming out of shock. How did we almost get the police called on us for failing to obey the commands of a psycho woman pretending she was helping us?

    Moments like these contain all the potential of a disaster. And they come with the terror of life-and-death drama. Bullies can be psychos, and psychos can be bullies. They are extremely dangerous and can be extremely clever.

    Bullies count on the very thing that might cause some of you (as a reader) to momentarily doubt my side of the story. “No one could be that crazy,” you say. Surely I provoked this woman somehow, or at least came across rude. No, not the case at all. We were cheerfully having fun exploring LA on our own, and were a perfect target for an envious bully who apparently couldn’t stand to see a happy couple, and couldn’t stand hearing the words “No, thanks” – even if spoken in a polite and appreciative tone.

    In such a situation the terror comes from not believing how far a person will take things (in this case she seemed ready to lie to a police officer if only she could talk the bus driver into calling it in) – all to shut you all the way down, just because they don’t like you.

    • Whoa! Now she does sound like a psycho! 😱 Lol To get all worked up over being politely told no? She sounds like a classic narcissist and like, as you say, jealous of yours and your wife’s relationship with each other. Some people can’t stand to see another person happy and will pill out all stops to spoil everything for them. 😣😣😣

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