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“Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.”

~ Unknown ~

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  2. HAha the way i Look
    At it More Beautiful
    Humans Make it
    More Likely
    The Species
    Will Survive
    i Wasn’t Willing
    To Try Again After
    Our First Child Passed

    Away What
    my Only Child
    And Son Ryan Still

    me Best

    Is All Beautiful
    For Every Breath

    Never To
    Be Jealous
    Or Envious
    Of Just The
    Gift The

    Of Life Now
    Dear Cherie

    i’ve Been Described
    As The Ugliest Duckling


    Prize by
    my Wife

    In This
    Life What
    my Mother Taught
    me About The Force

    Of Love
    As An

    Is Love
    Is Real


    Shallow Quack

    With SMiLes☺️🙌🙏

  3. Meaningful quote but sadly, you will always always find someone jealous of everything you are n everything you n compare n compete with you in a subtle way that nobody else than you may get that sign.
    Other people think that you are the competing n comparing one whereas envy resides in that silent one. It’s gaslighting of a different type like “I did it. You know it. And see everyone is appreciating me. You are reacting, so you are being portrayed as the jealous one. I am happy about it. Mission accomplished.”
    AND outsiders are always blind to this tactic.

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