Toxic Conformity: The 15 Characteristics of Sheople (Part 2)

(…Continued from Part 1)

Yesterday, we went over the first 7 of the 15 Characteristics of Sheople. Today, we cover the rest:

9. Sheople don’t value themselves. They are easily made to feel guilty and that they’re responsible for evils they never had anything to do with. Therefore, they virtue signal and do what they’re told to prove to others, especially the people in power, that they’re good people and standing on the moral high ground. It’s really pathetic when you really stop and think about it.

10. They doubt themselves. Sheople don’t believe in themselves. As stated earlier, they see themselves as useless and ineffective, so instead of doing for themselves, or learning to do for themselves, they take the easy way out and place their security and very existence in the hands of another person or other people. Again, this isn’t smart, because when you rely solely on someone else, you place yourself at their mercy.

11. Sheople are negative. They have a defeatist attitude and many of them are secondary bullies. They also entitled- because they feel that life dealt them such a bad hand, they believe they’re owed a living and if they don’t get exactly what they want when they want it, they throw a temper tantrum from the pits of hell. They scream, they curse, they throw things, they pound the walls, and they slam doors. They’ll even destroy property and attack other people if they feel those people are to blame for their current or past situations.

12.Sheople are people-pleasers. In other words, they’re suck-ups, kiss-butts, and brown-noses. Again, they will virtue signal and bow down to every wish of those in power and they will do it without question. They take it on blind faith alone that those in power- the people they follow, care about them and want what’s best for them, when, in fact, they don’t. Sheople are willing to be used and yes, even abused if it keeps them in the good graces of those in power and keeps their benefits flowing in.

13. Sheople are self-serving. Trust me, if you’re a person in power, they will do anything you tell them to do as long as it benefits them. Everything sheople do, they do for their own gain. Remember that sheople are entitled. They think they deserve everything handed to them on a silver platter. If they don’t get it, and get it “right now,” things will get ugly real fast! They want a cookie for every “good” they do and every accomplishment they make.

14. Sheople are wannabes. Many sheople desire notoriety and to be famous. Which is another reason they follow along and excessively conform.

 15. Sheople have low self-esteem. This is a no-brainer. All of the above characteristics point to low self-esteem.

Understand that sheople will give up everything to appease their peers and the people in power. Because of this, they live in constant misery. The sad thing is that they don’t know it. They don’t realize where their anger, depression, rage, helplessness, and lack of confidence comes from.

The only thing they tell you is that life showed its booty to them their whole lives and now they finally have someone to look up to who might compensate them for it. They put too much faith in other human beings and not enough faith in God or themselves.

And it’s such a sad way to live.

However, if youfold onto your faith in God, follow your own path, and strive to do for yourself, you will live much better and much freer. If you believe in yourself, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish. I guarantee it. So, don’t be a sheep. Think for yourself, have your own opinions, beliefs, values, and convictions. I can promise you that you’ll be a lot happier.

With knowledge comes empowerment.

34 thoughts on “Toxic Conformity: The 15 Characteristics of Sheople (Part 2)

  1. Fantastic post, dear Cherie. Every day you continue to surprise me with very interesting posts on bullying and now I learned about Sheople. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. My experience is that hate and fear are primary motivators of group de-think. On the flip side, learning effective analysis can be an enabler for positive individual action as part of a larger movement. Ironically, effective action for a beneficial cause requires mass effort and belief that a benevolent goal can be achieved. The difference is that positive mass action has at its heart a moral decision to generate a good outcome. A de-think group often has their brains shrunken to validate a cultish leader, ignore facts, fall prey to fear and hate — particularly of women, LGBTQ+, immigrants, and minorities, have abandoned morality, and ultimately have fallen prey to cynical views.

  3. Loved this”
    Understand that sheople will give up everything to appease their peers and the people in power. Because of this, they live in constant misery. The sad thing is that they don’t know it. (Sometimes Cherie, I wonder if they do know it, but just don’t think enough of themselves to care)

    Well girlfriend, part 2 is just as powerful as part 1 was on yesterday! Great summation Cherie. Let’s hope many will not only read this, but do a self-examination of their sheople-ism! 🤔🐑👍🏼

  4. Ok- so maybe this is my weakness: I do have low self esteem and sometimes do not feel valued, first by myself and then obviously others read me- especially Narcassists and then take advantage cause I will do a great job- so why isn’t that seen as dedicated? Hardworking? Why is it twisted into being a “people pleaser”- (look there is no pleasing the utimate of people: my mother so why bother with the rest?)

    Of course, maybe I thought the rest of the planet deserved a chance, so perhaps I have put too much faith in other human beings- cause there certainly are other narcassists out there! I have turned a page- I have come to learn to have faith in me and not to sacrifice that for anything! Maybe my self esteem is on the rise!

    Great 2 posts- really made me reflect on so much! Gracias!

    • It really depends on the person, Kim. Yes, Sheople are people pleasers, and yes they have low self-esteem. But not all people who have low self-esteem are sheople nor are they people pleasers, and many of those who have low self-esteem are hard-working and dedicated. I hope this makes sense.

      • You are absolutely right, Susan! And that is why I am not quiting my vcation- my passion, my heart. It truly makes my heart soar on even the bad days! Thanks for chiming in- so glad for your support!!

    • Just because you have low self-esteem doesn’t make you a sheople, Kim. People get bullied for NOT being a sheople, it’s why you get bullied. But stand strong, sweetie! Know that you’re are a strong and brave lady!

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