There’s Life After Bullying

People may bully you now. They may taunt you, call you ugly names, physically beat you, humiliate you, and turn others against you. Those around you may make you feel sad, alone, unattractive, and rejected in the present.

But rest assured, it won’t always be this way. Take it from someone who’s been there.

I had no friends in middle school nor high school until I finally transferred to my new high school during my senior year. Once I left *Oakley High School and began attending *Roseburg High School, that’s when life began. And I took back my power and started rebuilding every part of me that my bullies from the old school had torn down. Leaving Oakley was the free feeling you get after walking away from a toxic and abusive boyfriend.

As an adult, my confidence and self-esteem blossomed. Today, I’m a very happy adult and have so much to be thankful for. I have a family of my own. I enjoy my job and am comfortable in my own skin. I’ve accomplished more than I thought I ever would.

I also have grown to love myself- imperfections and all. I don’t worry about what others think of me, and I permit myself to be me and to say no when I don’t want to get involved in or do something that doesn’t feel right to me. These are freedoms that I will never again give up. Not without one hell of a fight!

I want you to know that the bullying you’re subjected to now will not last, and there’s a beautiful life waiting for you once it’s over. So, whatever you do, don’t give up! Stay your course, and keep fighting. Hold on to your faith and your dignity with everything you have. Because it may not seem like it now, but the best is yet to come, and the right people will find you.

Today, I’m surrounded by family and friends who love and accept me for me, not only what I can do for them. I have friends I never have to explain anything to and who love my flaws and quirks along with my good qualities. I’m so secure with being myself that I can make fun of myself and have a good time doing it.

I’m relaxed, worry-free, and best of all, safe! I’ve found my tribe, and you will find yours. And once you find them, they’ll be well worth the wait!

You’re worth fighting and living for. Don’t give up now. Stick around! It gets better! Much better!

52 thoughts on “There’s Life After Bullying

  1. Your experience is interesting and giving hope at the same time. This makes me realize that sometimes when you wanna start afresh you got to move to new environment where you now can build kind of foundation you want just like you did when you moved from one high school to another.

  2. People may bully you now. They may taunt you, call you ugly names…………….
    A) For me it is not people but only one. Since long I am being taunted on daily basis. My ugly names are 1. Blind 2. Deaf 3. Dumb 4. Ass and so on so on
    B) But rest assured, it won’t always be this way………………..I believe. I trust. I have inner power. I have digested. I am transformed. And I am progressing.
    C) As an adult, my confidence and self-esteem blossomed………………………True.
    But I am running 63 yrs. How long I will be subjected to this BULLYING? How long? I can not break relation in this stage. I have enormous faith in Almighty GOD.
    D) I also have grown to love myself……………..This is my first and foremost “MANTRA”
    E) I want you to know that the bullying you’re subjected to now will not last………………..HOPE SO.
    F) Today, I’m surrounded by family and friends…………………………..Here is my problem. friends are there . But in family, difficulties are most.
    G) You’re worth fighting and living for. Don’t give up now. Stick around! It gets better! Much better!…………………………….I BELIEVE IT.
    My dear Cherie!
    This line is for you. Only for you. I express my gratitude. From deep inside my Heart, I have felt peace which has increased than before. It is all for you. Your special posts have guided me, has given me hope and confidence. Lord is giving me strength through you. I am thankful to you.
    I have highest regards for that. Just a wish for me that I may never been bullied again.

    • I’m so grateful for your comment. 💖 And I’m sad you’re still suffering bullying from family, Arun. And I know that’s hard to get away from. Know that I support you and that no matter how they may treat you, you’re still a great person. I’ve learned that most bullying and abuse is projection of the abuser’s issues onto another person. God will open a door for you.

      • Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.
        Please be there to encourage me. I will become stronger. Now no way to escape. I dont believe in Breaking a solution. that is far more bad and sad.
        Believe that GOD will look into to stop.
        I am managing with the help of deep studies and meditation. Rest everything is excellent in my life. All aspects are very good.
        Only one problem, but a problem. Running life.
        Learning a lot from your posts. Your posts are very helpful in developing confidence in such cases.
        In the coming days , you may find out more ways to win the worst situation, remaining present in the situation.

        i have some hand made graphics which I made about 3-4 yrs back. If you see , you may lough. But those are reflections of my mind. may share with you only, may be in mail. Also I wish to write a blog post including those drawings.
        Not sure.
        Thank you so much again and again.
        best regards.

  3. The worst bullying stopped after high school, but I still had to deal with my parents for a long time. And my self-abuse (with drugs and alcohol) continued until fairly recently. So, hopefully, I’m in recovery now. I just wish everything around me was getting better too 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Good and constructive post👍I feel, whatever people do is based on their conscious level, Cherie. It’s good to know that you are doing well in your life now🙂👍

  5. Thank you for bringing so much hope to my life. Your words are alway a inspiration for me. I am also very grateful you are where you are in life, you deserve every happiness!

  6. Yes ma’am, there is life after death, because that’s what bullying looks like, death. Great post Cherie, Cherie Coco Pop! 👍🏼👏🏼🙏🏽 Survival, and believing in it. This is a hopeful message my dear. Cher’s song was a perfect ending to your post BTW!!! 🎶💃🏼🥳🎵💃🏽

  7. Love this post 💜🤞 I went through bullying for years and it does get better. I literally was writing something about my story for an upcoming post but havent finished it yet. I think I’m gonna finish it soon today cause you just inspired me.

  8. Very moving and heartfelt words Cherie. I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote. I hope anyone who has or is being bullied reading this takes comfort from your post. Better times are definitely ahead! 😁🥰

  9. Thank you for your post! I’m on a mission to make schools safe for LGBTQ+ kids, who experience so much bullying, more than average kids. My site is, and it has information and resources to help schools improve. But I also have a podcast, in which I speak with different people – I currently have 3 podcasts with student interviews (my site is new), 2 of whom, Andromeda and Nafeeza have had especially difficult times. Please listen, and share their stories, and the ones I have upcoming. It’s so important for their voices to be heard.

  10. As a gay man with a disability, I completely agree with your excellent advice. I spent much of my middle school and early high school years isolated by my difference. Then I discovered the power of a healthy sense of humor, and my entire life changed. I gained confidence and made a circle of friends. Reach out to others despite fear of rejection. It will pay off, and things will get better. Thanks, Cherie. I’m now a big fan!

    • Thank you so much, Charles. 😊🤗 This means a lot. I’m so sorry your classmates bullied you, I know how that feels because I was bullied in Middle amd high school myself. But I’m so glad you found your confidence through comedy and your circle of friends! You don’t know how pleased I am that you turned everything around! Here’s wishing you more love, more laughter, and more prosperity! Blessings to you! 😊🤗🌞🎶

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