F.E.A.R — Manifesting & Making Moves

Take a few minutes to learn about F.E.A.R and how to overcome it. Live in the now to keep balanced mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

F.E.A.R — Manifesting & Making Moves
Cassandra @https://manifestingmiraclemakers.com is an impeccable blogger. In this post, she writes about the affects of fear and what it does to not only the mind, but also the body as well. She also gives tips on how to neutralize the fear you may be feeling. Feel free to check out her blog here!

43 thoughts on “F.E.A.R — Manifesting & Making Moves

  1. Fear is a reaction.The thing is that most don’t realize they choose what their reaction will be. The choice seems to be 1) Face Everything And Rise or 2) Forget Everything And Run.

  2. I’m no stranger to physical effects of fear especially after my most recent event (which I share on my post titled: “The night I had to save our lives” on my blog). Fear is what prevents us from getting better ❤️‍🩹, it’s what keeps us from succeeding when we’re overcome with a fear of failure, and it’s what keeps me routed in comfort instead of growing. This post was beautifully accurate!

    • Thank you so much! And I believe Cassandra thanks you as well. She wrote this and I fell in love with it when I first read it.

      I also wanted to tell you that I had a similar experience with a break in when I was eighteen. However, the reason I didn’t say anything is because I didn’t want to make anything about me. I’ll tell you more about it later. Right now, you should have the floor and tell your story. Sending lots of love your way, LaShelle.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing Cherie. Eliminated self limiting beliefs and living our lives to the fullest is a passion of mine. I have seen several new likes and follows today. Now I know why! I’m new to blogging but I love sharing my experiences and meeting wonderful people like you! Thanks again!

  4. Thanks so much Cherie for sharing this blog on a relevant topic that affects us more than we think! You are so kind to reblog. God bless you girlfriend!!! 🙏🏼💐💋😍✨

  5. I’m not sure if I can phrase this well, but I look upon the acronym of F.E.A.R. as False emotion appearing real, and what’s really happening is that the mind has to take a moment to assess the situation before undertaking an action based on a decision. It’s the Freeze part (taking the time to think about the situation) that comes before flight or fight (which isn’t necessarily the decision to act, to run or to punch, but more about removing yourself from the problem safely (flight), or standing up for yourself(fight)). That’s what helps me.

    • That’s a great phrase to tag onto the acronym, Cage! And you’re right about removing yourself from the situation. But if you can’t remove yourself then it’s time to protect yourself. 🥊🥋🥊

  6. The fear experience appears real, fear,
    To conquer fear, we must consciously dethrone “security” as the thing that you value most in your life and replace it with the active virtue of “courage.” You must decide, once and for all, that it’s more important for you to have the courage to do what you must to succeed, rather than to cling to the things that make …

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