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“Never think that you must dumb down and hide your brightness to appease the haters. You have a right to sparkle. You have a right to glow. You have a right to shine. Don’t let anyone dim your light.”

~ Cherie White ~

50 thoughts on “Today’s Quote

  1. Hats off to you, Cherie. I always enjoy and love reading your quotes. They have inspired me so much that I have started adopting a positive attitude towards life. Thank you dear. You have been a wonderful inspiration to me.

  2. Soooo true! So many times we try to make everyone else happy and not offend anyone but in reality we need to be ourselves and do it unapologetically! 💪🏻 🌟

  3. Bad think is people are unaware sometimes they are bullies. And it doesn’t stop when they are young. As adults we get bullied by people who are sometimes pretending to do other things and look good to others. Elder abuse is another form of bullying that younger people in the family often do. Sometimes aware sometimes not. Either way its not good.

    • Elder abuse is absolutely bullying and it happens a lot, sadly. Most bullies know what they’re doing and just don’t care, but yes, some don’t realize they’re bullies.

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