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  1. Living in total isolation, never being able to go out, taught me to prefer and enjoy my own company. Until my darling angel of a wife gets home in the evenings, it’s like that Joan Armatrading song Me, Myself, I. Formerly a buzzy socialite, I have come to appreciate all the me-time. I came to prefer my own company, as it rules out nayhsayers, idiots and fools.

    Disability has its virtues indeed.

  2. What a nice, short, and sweet reminder for our day Cherie! Thanks for sharing my friend!!! Now, I’m going to go have a cup of tea with myself…you know…so I can enjoy my company!!! 😉☕🤗

  3. Time flies when I’m alone. I treat myself better because I can. Even a meal-for-one is prepared with love. I use my favorite linens, dinnerware, and placemats. Antique shops are filled with vintage pieces that were “saved” for company. 🍃🌸💕

  4. people never guess i am an introvert- but i am a people pleaser and hate to see anyone from students to strangers feel unwelcomed or awkward- so i put myself out there! But i am an introvert who also know that i needs to recharge my levels at the end of a day to motor onto the next. but i love downtime to regroup and refresh. a little online trekking, reading, meditating, cooking or seista-ing in the sunshine when it decides to return! lol Essential self care!👍👍

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