I Always Like to Reciprocate My Bloggers and Readers

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to reciprocate the love and support of fellow bloggers by reading their posts, liking and following them. I love to engage amd socialize with them. However,  whenever I get a like, comment, or follow from a new blogger and I go to their site looking forward to goodies to read and respond to, this is what I often run into.

I hit a brick wall. I’ll even go to my search engine and enter the url and still, no luck with Google or Firefox.

So, if you’re a new follower or a blogger I’m just meeting for the first time and you don’t hear from me, know that it wasn’t because I ignored you. It’s because I couldn’t find you.

I’m so thankful for every blogger who has crossed my path. I’ve made many wonderful friends during my blogging journey. Know that I love you all and I appreciate you. ❤



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  1. That’s happened me a few times too Cherie. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! 👍😁 Thanks very much for your support and encouragement of my blog! 🙏

  2. I always assumed that was because it was a spam site. But I don’t know… when one such person who liked a lot of my posts kept liking posts after I noticed that with her site, I somehow found it… I don’t know if she fixed some setting on her end or if I looked some other way, though.

  3. Cherie the links to the pages are still in the top of both images. You wiped out the text but not the link text 😉 dunno if this was mentioned already as I’m a bit too tired to read all comments…

    That being said, thank you for following my blog, for liking my posts and occasionally dropping a comment here or there! I really appreciate it 😁 wishing you a fabulous Sunday 🌸

    • Oops! My eyesight isn’t the best these days. I apologize for not catching that! And you’re so welcome! I try to come to your site from time to time because you don’t always show up in Reader. And it’s my pleasure to read and respond to your posts. Thank you so much for being the wonderful friend you are, Cynni! ❤💐🌹🌺

      • No worries, I didn’t know if it was intentional, so thought I’d better point it out. 😊 Just so you knew.

        I truly appreciate your visits and support! And all the great posts you share. Because of you I learned more about gaslighting, and how it has affected me for many years. And now, I’m working on getting above and beyond the hurt of my past, and your posts and support truly help. I’m very, very grateful 🤗 ♥ 🌸

  4. There really are people who lack the acumen to publish a blog post. Some kick balls, some hunt, others fish and we can blog. I am so glad I’m under no obligation to watch their ball game, or to see them drown a Jeep in the Mississippi.

      • I tried to explain why some host empty blogs, they are most likely blissfully unaware. I have no ball sense, the other guys kept scoring while the very masculine me ended up being the cuddly toy. I am 60, an IT geek and still cannot catch a ball, but I can publish a blog article.

          • Unfortunately, that’s due to the education the younger generations have received. For the last 30 years, or longer, public schools and universities have worked at dumbing down their students instead of smarting them up. It’s sad! Most schools don’t educate anymore. They indoctrinate.

          • Absolutely! Especially today. I have a college degree. Back thirty years ago, education was worth something. Now, it isn’t worth a damn, I’m sorry to say. It’s just a piece of paper.

          • I had a bad argument with a guy who boasted a Master’s Degree in political (non)-science. He didn’t even know that Karl Marx lived in Cape Town, and effectively started apartheid. Today, the country is neo-Marxist, but you try educate the college man.

          • Absolutely! I take it that you live either in the US, Australia, South Africa, or the UK. If I’m mistaken, I apologize.

            I live in the US and would you believe that they have scrubbed American History? They also scrubbed Civics and Government classes too. And many of the young people over here are so lacking in real knowledge. It seems that common sense isn’t so common anymore- thanks to our education system being driven down the crapper by the Neo-Marxists. It seems that most of the younger generations think that Communism is cool. But I’ll tell you this, they won’t think it’s so cool if it ever takes a foothold here! 😱 Many people will die!

          • I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I know that Bill Heft designed the Star Spangled Banner, with 48 stars, one for each state, plus two for the territories. Independence Came with the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. America was freed from British imperialism, but still measure in gallons.

          • Right! I remember my mother talking about the measurements when I was little. She implied the same thing you just did! Hahaha! 😂🤣😂🤣

          • What really angers me, is that 4,25% of the world bullies the vast majority every day. I can see why God gives me visions about major US destruction, by force. And, right now, Vlad the Impaler has his finger on the red button, and he’s not scared of that old age home in DC. As that guy just ran tail between the legs from Afghanistan, after having lost the umpteenth twenty year war. And we really should be worrying.

          • I completely agree. And I’m ashamed of our government. They are Godless, cowardly bunch of bullies. But there are still enough good citizens here- Patriots, who aren’t having their garbage. I live in a free state where we aren’t wearing masks, we aren’t following any mandates and our businesses are thriving. We also don’t have to take the you-know-what. The good thing about our country is that each state has Popular Sovereignty. In other words, each state governs themselves and doesn’t have to follow the ridiculous mandates of DC. DC can be undermined by the states and my state chooses freedom for the people to govern themselves.

          • It is the individual that assaults us, bullies us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. That’s not your govt, but the people. And that has me perma-peeved.

          • I am so tired of their bullying, then they lose another war, only to come back and belittle us. But we made RUSSIA flee, also East Germany and Cuba. The difference is that we have won wars.

          • Right! I don’t think America is devided forever though. There’s still enough of us who have some sense and we’ve stopped listening to the mainstream media and politicians. All we want is to be left alone and to live in peace. We don’t care about listening to dirty politicians.

          • Nobody stops the young idiots from reading. Ignorance is a choice when stupidity becomes a virtue. The problem is that they are raised to believe they are the greatest, when they’re not. I see the rise of communism over there, we went the same way first

          • Think about this: Radicals always target the young- that’s what America’s far Left does. The reason they target the young is because they haven’t been here long enough and have not had enough life experiences to know the difference- therefore theirs minds are still malleable. The Communist, progressive Left always targets the young because they’re so easily influenced. It’s much easier to dupe someone than it is convince them that they’ve been duped.

          • Your knowledge will serve you well. I just finished reading The Communist Manifesto and I see the same tactics listed in that book being carried out today. Knowledge truly does bring empowerment. It allows you to see through all the lies and dirty tricks of the extremist groups.

          • I love Thomas Sowell! Now that’s a smart man! I just ordered “The Vision of the Annointed” by him and expect for it to arrive sometime next week.

          • I believe Martin Luther King had good intentions and don’t believe he was a Marxist. MLK in my book was a good man. BLM on the other hand are Marxists and one of the founders even admitted it. King was peaceful. BLM is violent. So I agree with you on BLM. They’re bullies, as is the Red Guard and Antifa.

          • People say the same about Nelson Mandela, who was never even charged for several mass murders. Trust me, communism is behind your nation’s riots, same as here. Don’t have an opinion, what you believe doesn’t make it true. Trust the facts, of which there is a stash nobody ever opens. I don’t do opinion, all my life was spent finding facts, also in my career days.

          • You’re right, Communism is behind the riots here- and Antifa and BLM are Marxist foot soldiers who riot at the behest of George Soros. And there’s a truly evil old man- he’s a former Nazi from the 30s.

          • Communist, yet stinking rich. They’re all hypocrites that defy their own beliefs. Liars, deceivers, cheats. And devil worshipers.

          • It were the British that had brought Marx here, the idiots, and then the wealthy English started communism with Marx. They never volunteered their riches.

          • Absolutely! And they won’t give up theirs. Look at Cuba, for example! Castro is living in opulence while the common people are starving! I see the blatant hypocrisy. It’s just too bad that many people don’t.

          • Remember there is an occult altar of Osiris where the presidents get advanced to the 33rd rite. That is devil worship, Google Osiris.

          • I totally agree- Cain and Abel. I don’t claim to be an expert on the Bible but I do believe in God amd I believe that without Him, we can do nothing.

          • And I believe your children will be alright. Teach them the right values and they might stray from them for a little while, but they’ll always come back to them.

  5. Wow, I do the same! I read, like and sometimes leave a comment. My mother even asked me if I don’t get tired of reading 😁😁😁. Well, I learn a lot from fellow bloggers, like you. If a blogger likes a post of mine for the first time, I search for their site. If I can’t find it after exhausting everything, I write down the name or url for future searches.

    With you, it’s been a pleasure meeting you. I enjoy reading your posts. Let’s keep writing together! 🥰

    • Thank you so much! 💖 And yes! I look forward to writing together and reading each other’s posts. My husband does the same- wonders why I read so much, and it’s for the same reason. I learn so much from other bloggers. And I love the genuineness of other bloggers- they aren’t fake like most people on Facebook or Twitter. WordPress is the best kind of SM because you learn so much. Bloggers aren’t afraid to be human. 💖💐🌹🌺

  6. Very thoughtful. Thank you for sharing. If by chance this happened with me in the past is because I didn’t renew my domain and settled back into the original wordpress.com extension. Have a wonderful weekend! : )

  7. You, my dear, have truly helped put this bullying craziness into words that we understand. Thank you from the bottom of my <3.

  8. You are one of those who keep us motivated about blogging because you always respond positively to every post and comment which shows how dedicated you are to WordPress blogging I mean you have family and stuff to do but you always make time and keep consistency therefore Cherie we also love and appreciate you good friend. Which country are you based?

  9. Hi Cherry. That happens to me a lot, too. It then says: “This page cannot be found”. That is strange. Kind regards from Germany.

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